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Festering interview in Necroscope zine #27

Check at: http://festeringpt.blogspot.pt/2014/02/interview-in-necroscope-27.html

New recording session

Pedro began recording the voices for the new songs. Several recording sessions will follow.

Finished solos of the new songs

Marco from Omission just recorded solos in all new songs. Now comes a lot of editing work.

New 7'' Single, Out Now - "Exhumed" (2012)

The new work is already done, and once again be issued by the War Productions. This time in the form of vinyl 7'', entitled "Exhumed" and containing two new songs and an introduction. Keeping the same sound of the demo, but with some minor differences in terms of producing.

New 7'' - "Exhumed" (update)

The first song, "Exhumed',' is almost finished, missing the guitar solo. In the second, "Submerged in emptiness", still missing the drums, solos and some vocal parts.

From The Grave (Demo 2012)

Due to several factors, the release of the demo was delayed. But, at last, the final recordings and production have been completed.

However, we reached an understanding with the War Productions, and its launch will have their seal.

New Demo Out Soon

Reborn from the ashes!!! A Portuguese Old School Death Metal Band. New 6 track demo out soon: "Exhumed from the grave" (Demo 2012)