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Jams 1-4

So I got some new effects and I felt like trying them out. Jams #1-4 are now posted for you listening pleasure.

New Song

Hi Everyone, I have just discovered the awesomeness of midi. So, I am more or less just messing around with it. Anyway, I recorded a little something for you all to check out. As I say, this is more or less my first attempt to use the virtual instruments on my DAW. I am completely stoked with the results, the possibilities are endless. Hope you like the Jam. BTW, the Guitar is the real deal. Peace


Hi everyone, we finally got the Facebook Page up and running properly. (At least I think so) You can Find us at facebook.com/Abbott Bros INC. Thanks for listening, and thank you SOOOO much for your support.


Just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody for their support in helping us make it into the top 10.