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Split Infinitive is the best album ever.

My new album "Split Infinitive" is the best album ever. It has zombies, the apocalypse, crazy robot voices and heavy thick bass. The drums are of death and will rock you.

Please take a moment and $5 to support my music by purchasing my new album at


Much like public radio, I provide the bulk of my music for free in hopes that those who can afford to spend a few dollars will support me by purchasing my music. And like public radio, I too have costs associated with the producing and dissemination of my music so your support is greatly needed in order for me to continue making music. I'm not trying to get rich, just trying to pay the bills!

Also if you are in search of new clothing don't forget to check out the "bubbles wear" at


There you will find a hoodies, t-shirts and the infamous BASSGANG hat.

Once again, I truly need and appreciate your support so if you can please go to www.bubbles.bandcamp.com and take a look at the wonderful music I provide and pick up an album today!

Love, bubbles

bubbles update

Hello my peoples,

Things are getting interesting in bubbles land. Incase you don't know here's a quick rundown...

1. In feb I released my latest album #speech. This album has been getting much propers so you should peep it. And by peep it I mean go to www.bubbles.bandcamp.com/album/speech and make a "donation" of $5, or more if you wish to increase your support.

Once again if you haven't bought my #speech album, it's really good so grab it at www.bubbles.bandcamp.com/album/speech

2. If you're too poor I won't deny you my music. Just like OPB (the B stands for bass). Just email me or twitter me or facebook me or reply to this email or call me and I'll make sure you get a copy.

3. I'm working on a new album. It is awesome.

Hey if you got a chance go leave a rating and/or a comment on my Itunes page for #speech! That is a great way to help me out.

Go here to do so: itunes.apple.com/us/album/speech/id357272265

Love ya, bubbles bubblesmusic.net

#speech is for here!

I am proud to announce the new album #speech is for sale at bubbles.bandcamp.com! For only $5 US you get 12 awesome tracks of some of the best music I've made so far.

The album is a collection of songs with deep bass and heavy rhythms that will make you weeble and wobble and everything in between. No samples were harmed in the making of this classic because no samples were used. Tired of mash ups, want to hear original compositions, #speech is the ticket. I'm talking to you.

DJs, podcasters, radio shows, and music bloggers: Let me know if you would like to get my new album #speech & I'll give you code to download. You can message me here, or on any of your choice of social networks like Myspace, and Twitter (@bubblesmusic). Or just email me at bubbles@bubblesmusic.net.

So go right now and get the intricate and exhilarating #speech at bubbles.bandcamp.com and support independent music at its finest. Only $5. And I promise to buy beer with that.

Thank you so much, bubbles

A quicky.

I am enormously pleased to announce I am finished with my fourth full length album called #speech. I am very happy with this collection of songs and am very excited to share it with people. I'll make sure to let you know when the #speech is available for sale on your favorite digital music download sites.

And for more fun I have a small quick EP called Bass Snacks in the works which should also be available real real soon.

Well, I'm getting back to work. Talk to you soon.

Cheers, bubbles

F* the money, but you can still pay me.

What's up,

At this point in my music career I have learned many things. I have taught myself the jobs of many positions in the music industry. What have I learned?

For starters, there is no money in being an independent, self publishing electronic music producer (and underground hip-hop).

Second, there are some really, really nice people out in this world who love music as much as I do.

Third, we all got ADD.

So to keep your attention I'll get to the point.


I'm so excited.

Holla at a brotha and let me know your still with me! Whut Whut!

Peace, bubbles

Beta Test the Next?

Wow, I haven't really kept up on my bloggy this year. That's ok. Who really wants to hear cyber blah blah right now? Instead I have been writing music and am in the process of putting together my next full length release!

This next album is a departure from minimal house and ambient sounds of "Economics 008" and the looped sounds of "Commuter". It does share the traits with my first release the "RMX Sessions" in that every note is played or written by me. No samples, no loops (well maybe a MIDI drum loop was used here and there, shhhh don't tell).

Like "Economics 008" I will be Beta Testing this album with friends and colleges and I am nearly to that stage. Last time I put out the entire album for comment when it was, for all intents and purposes, finished. I waited for comment and was ready to change things upon advice.

The only advice I got was to get a better cover. And I did, thanks to Tigertail art.

So this time if people want a sneak peak of the album, BEFORE it is done, this can be arranged. I am not sure exactly how but I'll figure something out. Maybe dropbox.com.

Now you come in...I ask, if YOU want to help decide/give advice on things like song order, problems in the mix, praise, constructive criticism, anything: email me at


or DM me on twitter @bubblesmusic, and let me know that you "want to beta test the new album".

Only 10 people will be in on this. So first come first served, with a steamin' hot pile of bubbles. YUM.

Truly, bubbles bubbles@bubblesmusic.net www.twitter.com/bubblesmusic www.reverbnation.com/bubblesmusic

I need your pictures for my video.

“If you want something done you have to do it yourself.” - ?????

I don’t know who was the first to speak this quote but I agree in the fullest. I have been trying to assemble a team and funding to make a video for years now. Being as how I am a broke musician and times are hard the prospects of doing a full blown video have greatly diminished. Does that stop bubbles? Hell no. Taking the situation into my hands I am putting together my first video myself, but I need your help. The video is for “All Aboard”; track one on my Commuter release. You can also listen to the whole album on my website www.bubblesmusic.net/music.html!

What I need from you is your pictures and video (no more than 30 sec) on commuting. Anything that has to do with commuting will do, so be creative. Cars, trains, plains, there are so many possibilities.

What do you get? You get my eternal thanks, a Commuter CD (or Digital Download if you prefer), your name in the credits, and some will win some T-shirts or new releases.

Email you’re your Pic’s and videos (no more than 30 sec) comments and/or questions to


Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you send!

Peace, bubbles www.twitter.com/bubblesmusic www.reverbnation.com/bubblesmusic

Links: Send Pics and vid to: Commuterpics@bubblesmusic.net Listen to “Commuter” at www.bubblesmusic.net/music.html Commuter - http://www.cdbaby.com/bubbles2

Last chance to catch the whole Economics 008 free

Greetings, The beta test is almost over. I just wanted to let you know this is your last chance to listen to my new upcoming release Economics 008. You have one more week to listen to the album in its entirety and make suggestion about anything before I execute those suggestions and send this bad boy for distribution. The album is only available at www.reverbnation.com/bubblesmuisc or through this Tunepak URL… http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/1286236 For those who sign up to be my fan you will be able to download some tracks off of Economics 008 as a “Fan Reach” promotion. This will only be available to my fans through www.reverbnation.com/bubblesmusic and will be ready next week. It’s not hard to be my fan because really all you have to do is press a button. Being my fan, and signing up for “bubbles’ News”, my newsletter of all things bubbles, gets you special access to material and shows. Free stuff people. And as I grow you get more stuff so it’s a win win. Some good advice was given about the cover art so that will be updated with the help of the artist that drew my logo. I also got some comments on marketing. What I am amazed is the lack of comment on the music. Like I said, very few musicians give you this kind of control so take advantage of it. Comment publicly on any of my comment sections in any of my social networking sites. Or email me privately at bubbles@bubblesmusic.net That’s all for now. Have a good one. Peace, bubbles www.reverbnation.com/bubblesmusic www.twitter.com/bubblesmusic

Do you want to produce my next release?

Greetings! Did you ever want to have influence over the musical direction of a band you like? Well, now you can. I am opening up my creative process to more input. My next project will be entirely open to comment, direction, and ideas from you. From the very concept to the final product, you will have the ability to shape my artistic work. In essence you will be the producer! The more active you are as a fan, the more “sway” you will have. People who are on the mail list, previous supporters, bought any of my music, know me personally, or are active web friends will have the most say. So go and sign up for the mail list at www.bubblesmusic.net in the big box that says “Join mail list”. Or write me directly at bubbles@bubblesmusic.net or on twitter at www.twitter.com/bubblesmusic. Let me start with a test run of a song. Let’s start with the concept (i.e. mood, story, about) and the electronic sub-genre or cross of genres. Remember folks, I write all my music, so no sample based ideas, unless I record the sample! So start producing and send me your producer’s notes! The demo song, in all stages of development will be posted on www.Reverbnation.com/bubblesmusic exclusively for people who have become “my fan”. Peace, Bubbles www.reverbnation.com/bubblesmusic www.myspace.com/bubbles

Beta Test my new Album!

Hi Peeps, I am going to beta test my new album “Economics 008”. I want feed back about the songs, and the production. I have decided to post the entire “Economics 008” here on Reverbnation to get some feed back before I go into the final phase of full fledged release. I’m asking for your help to make bubbles even better! There is still a bit of time for me to make some minor changes (once it goes to Itunes, there is no room for correction), and there is plenty of time to make use feedback on future projects. Any feedback, constructive criticism, kudos, thoughts, and musings are welcome. You can send them privately via email at bubbles@bubblesmusic.net or you can just comment here, or on any one of my social networking pages. Here are some of the things I’m looking for, Does the album flow well? Are the songs clear and produced well? What genre would classify the music? What other music does this remind you of (artists and/or songs)? Are the songs balanced in their volume? Do you like the art work (check my pics)? What is your favorite song? I’m a thick skinned monkey so don’t hold back. Also, Thanks so much for your help and support. Peace, bubbles bubbles@bubblesmusic.net www.twitter.com/bubblesmusic