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He changed a white supremacy based South Africa into a multi-cultural democtratic body in respect for oneness through the the idea of true Justice motivated by love, freedom, peace, and sincere comprehension of mankind. Using diplomatic tactics, he was able to change minds and heal hearts from a suppressed, arrogant and ignorant state of existence to an enlightened spiritual community full of hope, integrity and humility by means of concioussness as the main guide. Without Grace, none of his accomplishments would be possible. Therefore we ALL must salute Him. We should all be proud of this melanated being in the form of a man sent by The Divine Amighty Creator of the Universe who allowed him to be among us for 95 years on Beautiful Planet Earth . He went from Prisoner to President. Breaking down Walls of Hatred and Mis-understanding, Whithout allowing his precious soul to be defiant to his very own meaningful purpose along with the will to rise while maintaining his Obedient practice of Faith. He Uplifted many in attempt to change the world. In these current crucial times and harsh situations that many of us live in call for a much more refined human being way of thinking. So Let us Honor his Majesty Ladies and Gentleman. The person (Being) #KING Which I am referring to was and is known as the GREAT NELSON MANDELA !!! MAY His SOUL REST IN ETERNAL PEACE . #MADIBA #APARTHEID #EQUALITY #LIBERATION #ANTIPOVERTY #BLESSINGS

America vs Trayvon (#Zimmerman #Trial)

Bearing witness to the Trayvon Martin Justice Awareness movement has shown me The Real from The Fake. The strong from the weak, The brave from the scared & the open minded from the narrow minded. To those I've spoken to on Friday & Saturday from AL Sharpton's offices, my deepest respect. From my perspective after interacting with several people regarding this matter,it has actually united more folks than divide them. An Asian lady pushing a stroller saw me with a T shirt that says Travon Martin and began to cry. While walking through Harlem at a book fair, coming back from the vigil, a 7 year old accompanied by his mother expressed to me this quote "Trayvon Martin that's my brother". And of course there are those who chose to look away as a sign of not being comfortable when they saw a picture of young Trayvon that I had in my possesion. I salute Trayvon Martin's parents for their tremendous courage . Among others, Stevie Wonder Ms. Dionne Warrick, without excluding the DJs and community participants who have organized themselves to help bring about solutions to this situation. Whether you are so called Black, White,Yellow Red or Purple, The questions I ask Society which I make a part of is; "Are we really being honest with ourselves" ? Have we considered every aspect from which our conclusions are formed? Who's really ready for change? The answers to these questions are inside us all. I believe these answers will bring about clarity only if we put aside the ego,hatred,ignorance and the mentality of self entitlement while being open to the facts which stems from our past, affecting the present that will determine the future. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. Let's meet these challenges and explore our potential because the world right now is a boiling pot similar to a pressure cook.Trying to keep a lid on it will only cause it to explode and over flow through the streets of what we call America. #LibertyAndJusticeForAll @KingBriceMusic www.reverbnation.com/KingBrice

Jerry Maguire

I would like to express my deepest sympathy to all the families who lost a loved one in the recent earthquakes that took place around the world destroying the lives of men,women and children unexpectedly. It's been three years since Haiti was hit by an earthquake that killed 300,000 plus as records report. To the people of Japan, Indonesia, and all those around the globe, You are not alone. Thank you for showing us that you cared. We recognize your pain and loss also. You extended your hand and we are grateful. Despite my dissatisfactions with certain policies of the U.S. Congress, I say thank you to the good hardworking "American" people amongst other nationalities who donated to Haiti during this crisis. Unfortunately most of the population that has been affected are still without homes,clean water,and sleeping under tents without security for their children. What happened to the money that you donated ? That's a question we have yet to find the answer to.