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The Rise of MAC-nificent ENT PT 1 by Jenn Nala Princessess

As 2014 approaches, most of you are making those New's Year Resolutions, then try to live up to them. As for me, my resolutions is to just sit back and write blogs! I'm Jenn Nala Princess, the new blog writer for the new upcoming label MAC-nificent ENT. This is going to be one record label you won't want to miss. It features artists, DJs, & producers from various locations in the United States and expanding beyond. Unlike most other record labels MAC-nificent ENT will focus on the artist and the talent and provide opportunities that may not be in their reach, while at the same time, maintaining a business mindset when the need arises. After all, it is the Music that listeners want to hear, I'm just saying, but for these local artists out there Music is Life. Have you ever been into a local record store and ask the employer, " Hey do you have anything new out these days?" And you get that dumbfounded look, as if they don't have a clue, because they honestly don't know. Most artists these days are trying to make a go of their own music on their own. Some with a label, and some without. MAC-nificent ENT is that POSITIVE association to Music, that YOU want to hear. In my own words, it is actually better than FM or AM radio. It is even better than some of those artists that are out, but that is just my opinion. As you read on and even listen to this new upcoming label, with a mixture of Artists, DJ's and Producers, you may a better understanding of why many artists are giving their all to be heard, and I am not talking about the ones you already here on the radio. This is a new and improved genre of music that goes their own way, and does their own thing. They work hard with their music to bring a whole another sound to hip hop/rap, a sound that I prefer over your local everyday music you hear on the radio. They also hope to have a ton of fans like you, despite the ones they already have. This label has plenty of enjoyment from every aspect from everyone involved in this upcoming attraction better known as MAC-nificent ENT. Let me start introducing some of the awesome talent on this new label.

The Rise of MAC-Nificent ENT PT 2 by Jenn Nala Princessess

First I would like to introduce Benjie McKinley (aka) DJ Mac, the main and foremost person behind this production. He is the one who gave the artist, DJ's and Producers their shot for fame on his upcoming label. He is from San Antonio TX, has 32 mixtapes out, regular version and chopped & screwed. DJ Mac has involved artists in his home town of SA in his past 27 mixtapes. Some of his mixtapes include Coast 2 Coast & Take Ova South (TOS) records. If you want to hear more or get to know DJ Mac and know more about him, check out his links at: www.facebook.com/djmac210 www.twitter.com/DJ_Mac210 www.datpiff.com/profile/mac_nificent210 http://www.youtube.com/user/MACnificent210 The talent comprised in this label is beyond amazing, all local talent, and without their support and dedication, this label would not function. Next are 2 others DJ's beside DJ Mac, DJ Supathrowed, the pro DJ from Augusta, Arkansas with a wide variety of skills on the turntables and DJ'Smiles, upcoming club/mixtape DJ from Philadelphia with his first upcoming mixtape out called The Last Supper. Next up are the Producers: Iru Beats is from SA TX, and has an sound cloud link at www.soundcloud.com/iru Next producer is Xavier Washington from San Antonio TX, rapper and producer, and currently working on music, with a future feature in Coast 2 Coast Magazine. And to put all of this label into play, we must not forget all the artists that have worked hard to make this become one MAC-nifient world of Music for 2014. In no random order here are the artists that make it all happen: D.G.A.F.MAFIA & Too Throwed ENT member Maek, from San Antonio, TX is a great addition to the label, as he provides much talent and versatility when it comes to his music Zack Okonkwo (aka) Oak Capone from Colorado, now resides in San Antonio. Check out his latest mixtape DRUG, done in collaboration with Purpose & Rowdy: http://www.datpiff.com/TEAM-LaFamilia-and-Rowdy-Room-DRUGDAREALESTUNDERGROUND-mixtape.563899.html Masta Mind, another experienced artist out of SA, is another great asset to the label. From the group 210Traphouse, he provides great expertise & talent to the label Cedric Edwards aka PD http://www.datpiff.com/PD-Book-Of-PD-Chapter-1-mixtape.541079.html Willie & Justice both live in SA, but Justice is from North Carolina, bough very experienced artists, and new music will be coming from them soon So there you have you have your upcoming and new music for the 2014 year. New members are being added all the time. Instead of trying to figure out who is the hottest artist or the best label out, just hop on onboard MAC-nificent ENT and listen for yourself. Even check out what is coming in the near future for the upcoming artists that are working on their new music. Don't take my word for it, listen for yourself and I assure you won't regret it! Jenn Nala Princessess



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