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It's funny to read slander coming from beginning black metal band Necrohate regarding T.E not keeping their promises. Did you really think everything T.E had to fight and work for after years of hard work would be given on a silver-plate (a house, recordings, job etc.) .As a so called black metal band with satanick views you should take responsibility for your own choices and the path you chose, and not blame others for the collision of visions and expectations that YOU had when you migrated from Spain. Without me you wouldn't be here in the first place, because I was your way in to The Netherlands providing you a better “so called future” not to mention the fact that you would still be in an economic shithole called Spain unemployed as you were for years. I feel I had to react to these accusations after seeing your childish attempt to gain attention and trash talk T.E on your profile. Is this what has become of black metal? I could chose to stoop to your low level of intelligence and continue on the bandwagon, however instead I wish you luck with your so called lsd/cosmic driven endeavor (Where have a read this concept before?). Not to mention the help I gave you with your riffs and material which I found to be plain and dull anyway. As a Satanist/Occultist/Artist I don’t feel that I owed you anything (vice versa) and there is nobody to blame for failure but YOURSELF!!!So stop your slander and playing the victim role and focus on yourself and the music instead of my T.E persona/band, I am not here to save YOU or the world but to burn it to the fucking ground through my art and musickal magick .HAIL!!!


Tyrantz Empire started as a two-man Satanic Killing Machine from The Netherlands . The band was founded by Soran in the winter of 1999 with the sole purpose of making Black Metal music reminiscent of the 1992 era.