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Producer Notes BFT Album #6

BFT 6 started last winter when I was hating winter and loving creating music. I dont know if it was the vitimins or what but I wrote 10 songs in about 5 weeks. Most of the basic tracks were recorded during this time. Sookie entered into the song writing area of the band with her great lyrics on "Hush Little Girl". We also were lucky to have the very talented Jennifer Harrold play lead guitar on that track. The rest of the players include my brother Brian Big B Harrold on guitar and vocals, Richter Scale Rick LeBlanc on drums, Rico Ferguson on keys and harp, and Sookie on lead and backing vocals. We are also adding the very talented songwriter/ keyboard player David "Pooh Bear" Newcomb to the band. He will also serve as an associate producer on BFT 6......We are entereing the final aspects of recording this album and are excited about releasing it and playing it live. :) BadBoyDave

Charles Garver
Charles Garver  (over 4 years ago)

Thanks to BFT for their efforts and the opportunity!
Rock On! Charlie

Calvin Archbold http://www.stargazerradio.com/
Calvin Archbold http://www.stargazerradio.com/  (over 4 years ago)

BFT and all the artist Rock and I am proud to call all of them my Friends

The Blunt Force Trauma Band

Hi everyone, The Blunt Force Trauma Band is a writing, recording, and performing ensemble I started in 2009. During these three years we have evolved into a musical family of sorts and love the process of creating music together. We are currently working on creating our fifth album.

Weight of The World was our first album. Doug Lebo & I did all the writing and singing with great performances by Mike McGall, Jeff Blair, and David Newcomb. David has made musical contributions on all our albums...This was a magical album in that there were moments in the studio where we just stopped and said "did we just do that?". The title song "Weight of The World" was played over 10,000 times in Myspace in a period of four weeks. "Cleaning Up The Battlefield" is still one of my favorite BFT songs.

Our next album "Things I Keep" showcased the great writing and singing of Doug Lebo. The songs are more acoustic guitar based than the first album and has great lyrical depth. Every song on the album has emotion and character. "Which Way To Turn" and "That Place" turned out to be favorites among our fans and friends. This album marked the entrances of Blues legend Brian "Big B" Harrold into the band. His great guitar work continues to be a signature of BFT songs to this day.

Our third album was "The Desert Rose". This album has a more electric feel to it and was the first album to fully incorporate Big B's playing into all the tracks. Doug Lebo was outstanding doing most of the singing and writing. The song "Black Tide", written by Big B, was a very popular song as well as Doug's song "The Desert Rose". This album was pure joy to work on.

Our fourth album called "Cellar Dwellers" was a blast to work on. I wrote most of the songs and did a lot of singing. Big B created the song Cajun Moon and newcomer Rick Ferguson's writing and playing were incorporated into the band. This album was a bit eclectic in nature with a lot of experimenting with sound and direction. This album welcomed drummer Rick LeBlanc into the BFT fold...The songs Cajun Moon, Caesar, and The Ballad of Ove Lund received lots of airplay. The song Precious Love was also played a lot on the radio...The song Cajun Moon (which was the last song recorded for Cellar Dwellers) set the tone for the creation of our next album, BFT 5 "Alive". This album is totally electrified with the songs being recorded with lots of distorted guitars We set out to make a rock & roll album that people can have fun with. Joining us on this album is the very talented Susan Vorheis on vocals... This recording is our fifth full length album!