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Inspiration is the real value in art. That song that’s stuck in your head that distracts you from another Monday, that book that gets you to start thinking about going back to school, that old dude that shows you how to add diminished chords into a blues progression…. These are the reasons you pay to see a show, or for a painting, or max out your credit card buying guitars (sorry Leah). And inspiration, the visceral feeling of possibility, of the potential to do something special, is the real reason we play.

This weekend we were lucky enough to spend some time with the Lil’ Smokies and Cure for the Common. These sons of Montana (for the most part), are proving that bands can come out of the mountains and make great music, maybe even full time. The energy from the weekend has been stored in all seven of us like phones with new batteries, and we’ve been using it to maximum effect. New songs have been finished, new gigs booked, new ideas for merchandise explored (condoms, pint glasses, booty shorts).....

Anyway, we’re fast becoming full blown junkies for this inspiration stuff. To fund our habits, we’re looking to start dealing. And we can’t wait to share stages with these guys again soon.

‘Til then, peace!



Shakewell (Re)Begins

What a summer! The last few months have been a maelstrom of emotion; elation, angst, frustration, hope, and ultimately love. Out of this chaos Shakewell has been reborn, this time with renewed purpose. The past year or so has seen Shakewell go underground, its membership scattered across the country as well as the local music scene. As fate would have it, the original members (with a few notable exceptions and additions) reunited under the banner of Three-Eared Dog. Songs were written, ideas exchanged, and twelve thousand miles accumulated on odometer of our trusty van “the Majestic”. Eventually the ideas blossomed to the point that they could no longer be contained by Three-Eared Dog, and it became clear that it was time for Shakewell to reawaken. As the summer wanes, Shakewell is gearing up for our craziest year yet. Our collaboration with Umpire Entertainment has yielded over twenty upcoming dates across Montana. A brand new batch of songs is taking shape in our new rehearsal space. Studio time is booked in November at the legendary Evergroove Studios in Denver, Colorado. Most importantly, though, the vibes are better than they’ve ever been. With a team like this, anything is possible. So to past, present, and future members of Shakewell as well as our families, friends, and fans, thank you for being part of this journey. We're looking forward to grooving with you again soon. Cheers! Sam 8/13/15

Shakewell Begins

We started Shakewell as a jam band playing gigs for food at the Blue Bison Cafe back in February. After cycling through many different names (Mostly Dangerous, Captain Cove's One Night Stand Band, Broke) and after honing a sound of our own, we began to craft Shakewell! It was a fast start considering that many of our members are currently key parts of other local projects: Sam Ore is the bassist for Ski/Surf Rock band: The Skurfs and the guitarist for local Blues band: Three-Eared Dog. Jordan Smith is the Bassist/Vocalist for Three-Eared Dog. And Cove Jasmin is The Vocalist/Keyboardist for Missoula's favorite funk band: Kung Fu Kongress. So time was limited, but with so much talent under one roof, it was only weeks before we had a solid set of original tunes and a calendar full of events to play, so now with the warm weather drawing closer and closer, we'll see what a little bit of sun and some lively Missoula summer can do for Shakewell!!