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We had a great time at the Curtain, thanks a bunch for coming guys!!!

SolQuake would like to thank: Sandy Allen, Curtis Snapp, Toni Hartman, Debbie Ware, Josh Cline, Big thanks to Spencer Poole of Poole productions, Kristi Jones, Chris Murray, Jimmy Edwards and Kat, Paul Vaughn, Brad Bereuter, Benjamin and Adrienne Clark, Farley Victor Ferrante, Aleksander Kusina, Jun Gao, Silvia Scorza, Michela Prestigiovanni, Pavel Sunny and Timothy Nadolsky, Jody Cooley-Sekula, Steve Sekula, Jesse Walker, Karl Gail and Paige, Ajit Shah and Zhinal.

Marco, Bob and Jeff want to thank: Daniela, Debbie and Laura respectively, for love, inspiration and support!

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We'll see you on May 27 at The Curtain Club!