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1705Big Australian Country Music Festival..click like

hey Folks apparently I am in the running to play at this festival in Australia...click LIKE on this page its pretty easy...thanks for reading http://www.campfirefestival.com.au/contest/d-henry-fenton/


I Will mainly be playing the Piano Bar in LA till years end, there will be a few different venues but my main focus is on writing new songs for the moment...


Sunday today and its The Piano Bar residency thang we have been kindly asked to be a part of, Billy Gibbons may jump up with one of the earlier bands Kalifornia Kingsnakes, somewhere between 4pm and 7pm, yesterday I set up my little studio ready to start demoing the new songs and we shall see how they turn out, the Australian radio interview yesterday with melomania was interesting although talking about oneself is a little weird, music is always a source of clarity that's for sure, be amazing..dhf

Sweet Virginia Music Video

The Music Video for Sweet Virginia that Abbie Rose Directed is off to the folk that pick and choose what the public sees in Australia, so hopefully we get a few screenings..Thank you Red Rebel Music Australia

Piano Bar 08/17 is 10pm start

tonights Piano Bar show has been changed to 10pm start


So I am back from Australia, Los Angeles is definitely home, I got my residency back at Piano Bar on Sundays which is fab so if you want to come and check it out we go on at 8pm, we will be booking more shows and recording more songs in about 4 weeks...

Australia Day Jan 26th

So we played a little Aussie Shindig yesterday to celebrate Australia Day at The W in Hollywood before our Piano Bar Residency show, it was fun to learn some Aussie songs, Under the Milky Way THE CHURCH, Long Way To The Top, ACDC and Streets Of Your Town GO-BETWEENS, the piano bar Sunday residency is becoming an amazing experience I feel like we are part of some new LA music scene or movement, come and check it out if you live in town, anyways its Year Of The Horse, apparently its a good one so seek your purpose and seize the day folks...

Santa Fe NM KBAC

Hey so I am heading to Santa Fe NM to play some songs live on KBAC radio as they have been playing my song Turnin' for the last month...also playing a gig at The Cowgirl Fri Nov 22 and at The Mineshaft Tavern Sat Nov 23

KBAC Santa Fe New Mexico playing Turnin'

Am so happy that the wonderful folk at KBAC in Santa Fe New Mexico have been playing my song Turnin....trying to book a show there now, keep supporting live music everyone http://www.santafe.com/kbac#.UldGS1P7Wuo

New Live Video's

Hey there, so I added 2 live performances form a winery in Buellton CA called Standing Sun Wines, its me with my band mates Kelsey Collins and Mary Beth Kedzior...check them out and check out Standing Sun Wines for they are very tasty