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Amber Blues / Blog

Tales of Amber Blues Intern/Street Team and Promotion Captain: Day 20

Hello all, how are we? "Ambassador of the Band" here. Happy Monday, eh? Question: how many of us are experiencing this heat wave?

Now, I'm not one to complain about the heat but man,on Friday - that was tragic! Not to mention the fact I was carrying an umbrella around the whole day, convinced it might rain! Now, as far as work...? Friday was a great work day and just felt great to be an arist. I saw a great show that featured my friends and teachers at Freedom Theatre before working, and I was too happy.

So, during work Friday we ran into some interestinig folk - two rappers who freestlyed with Jimmy playing (awesome!) and some douchebag who plainly put, "I went to the Grammys" AND? Sir, success is not measured by how many famous people you meet in one day, ok? Think of how many celebrities he was surrounded by that more than likely now DONT remember his name, let alone a face. I think it's the qaulity of a person, the "realness" if you will. That drive to help others; karma comes and karma goes, yknow.

Anyway, that's my short recap of Friday and did I mention my load of New Merchandise?! Well, yeah I have some! I even made my own Amber Blues merch-carry-around bag so I can show folks what we have. Shooting for immediate sales! That's all I have in me at the moment, so keep it here with AB folks.

Later, Vernon. AOTB

Tales of Amber Blues Intern/Street Team and Promotion Captain: Day 18

Hey beautiful folk! "Ambassador of the Band", Vernon, here. So today is pretty exciting! I'm doing my first CD sell! Hopefully I can get the buyer to purchase both, but this is exciting! And tomorrow, the Happy Friday, will be my third shirt sell! And in case you didn't know: I am the 3rd; I love the number three!

I've been doing a bunch of writing and such, both band related and none band related. I'm right now getting my Artist bio together from some corrections yesterday - I started to give a whole wiki page on me! So this shoudl be interesting! Sorry, I dont have much to say this morning, but I will say this: Good food conjures good music! Agree or disagree? I know as I ate dinner last night, winding down, preparing for wonderful sleep, "The Lights Have Gone To Bed" played in my head. I literally went to sleep humming the guitar-riffs/effects!! - PeaceAndLove all! Keep it here! Remember we're all on the pursuit of happiness...With Amber Blues. Vern

Naming The Baby..

Hey all, As promised (to myself lol), I'm here again honing my blogging skills. Today I feel like talking about the process of naming our new 'album'...or body of work..not sure what to call it yet. Currently we are discussing the release options...

-2 EPs, 6-7 songs -1 full length album and a few single/non album releases -Full run of singles, maybe 2 or 3 over 3 or so months, THEn an album..

we are still deciding. So far the album name we all like the best is...

Amber Blues "The Colors That You See'..

Who knows if it'll change from here, but so far we dig. For those who arent up to date on our latest studio saga, we recently completed 12 new studio tracks. As funny as it seems...we have NO IDEA what it sounds like. We never had the chance to get ref discs (samples of the songs for the non-musician lol) before our producer, Kobi, moved to Chicago. The project ran about 2.5 weeks over schedule and we cut it right down to the wire on this one, however, it was fantastic to actually bang out a full and AMAZING collection of songs in a mere 3 months...a huge improvement on our average 2-3 year album turnaround rate...we intend to function this way nowadays. We actually are already planning to start recording again in the winter. 2-3 more songs, with Ritchie Cannata, of Billy Joel fame. He has a studio in Long Island that we intend to work at next....but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves...let us focus on the soon-to-be born new album...

a sneek peek at the tracks before i leave you all for the night..

Martyr Rose Colored Eyes A Little More Lightified Follow The Night Everybodys Trying To Hold You Down Matthew (till then I send My Love) Cant Stop The Rain Cant Turn Away How Does It Feel The Colors That You See (The Peacock Song) Life Slips Away I Dont Love You Annymore

Some of you may know many of these songs from the live shows...they all rock pretty solid.

Ill update everyone once i have updates of my own :)

Thanks for reading. Jimmy Amber Blues

Tales of Amber Blues Intern/Street Team and Promotion Captain: DAY16

Vern here, "Ambassador of the band" for your very own Amber Blues! So as of now I'm like the Mega-Social-Media-Man(Superman has got nothing on me!) This post, nmy first blog post for Amber Blues, will be one of the longer ones I think. Well, we'll see.

My first week entering the AB/music promo zone was filled with so much time in front of the computer. Can you say, research? I mean when I finished my first official day I felt like a kid deprived of both sugar and Saturday cartoons -annoyed and physically destroyed! I thought, "How could they do this me?" I was being thrown around like a toy! A toy thrown into the imaginary world of the child whose playing, in this case my kid is Amber Blues. The second day was better playing around on the web searching for various radio contact info. The first week I leaned a lot about taking notes -all over again! Because you know they say you loose some school-based skills during the summer, but everywhere I go I'm running into some form of research! (Glad for it, though. ) This truly puts me ahead in the race to booking and all of that in comparison to artists who don't know how to promote, so if they have no team - they're screwed!

My second week was mostly spent talking of promotions; making a sells list with specific details to help me target folk and draw them in to Amber blues. I was also given the task of interacting with this reverbnation to help boost rankings! So everyday I listen and check in so we have a "buzz" factor. Also, on that Friday Jimmy came to Philly and we hit it up! Going from 15 and Market, into China Town, riding to 4th and Walnut to Pine to South st! 6hrs worth of work, and in total for me 9hrs worth of walking that day! Can you say Cardio? Now can you repeat it? Caaarrrdio! Whoot. But despite my fatigue I felt good about myself on that on foot promo.

Third week was extra exciting as I made my first two shirt sells!!! I'm currently using the slogan "Who wants Amber Blues on their chest?" And so I've gotten some results. Now, guess what? AMBER BLUES STICKER IS ON BROADWAY/TIMES SQAURE!! I have to post a picture, but earlier that week I ran out of stickers and knowing I'd be headed to NY that Friday I saved my last AB sticker for NY. :) It was one of the most exciting moments of the trip - the energy of Broadway is amazing and I can't wait to have my shot at it!

So, on that note, to all AB fans and familia, look out for Vernon Jordan III's name in lights, OK? And for the time being keep it locked here with Amber Blues...even when the lights go to bed! ;) Best Wishes and remember: We're all on the pursuit of happiness.

-- V. J III "AOTB"

Some of the newest and coolest..

All of my research tells me that i (Jimmy AB) need to blog more..this whole blogging thing is new to me, but i suppose its not much different that posting messages on FB and here on RN. I shall try to do this once a day...lets see what happens with it..

So it seems reasonable to mention the inspiration that has encouraged me to begin on this new journey. Primarily, the push came from articles and blogs i've been keeping up with via Ariel Publicity (you can find their site on Google). Ariel Hyatt is a PR specialist from NYC and since initially diving into her site, I have found myself re-visiting the site almost everyday, to read and reread her interviews, blogs and updates. I am blown away by her company!!!! So much info just sitting there for anyone determined enough to use it---musicians, its worth checking out!!!!! just for good measure here's a little more enthusiasm..!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I have not yet directly spoken with or met her, I feel that i have already gained a wealth of knowledge from her postings. Specifically, she has snippets of her various books on the site and in them are several tips about improving ones impact through social media..I had almost everything on the checklist already in action with AB, except blogging. I kind of admit that I've been avoiding it. I suppose that for years I just didn't pay much attention to the blog-universe, the same way it used to be with me and social media...i never saw the importance...until now. After keeping up with a few other blogs, I've learned that i can use them to spread great info and experience, and sometimes use it as a very intimate and direct window for fans and people who are 'searching' for a trustworthy voice on the vast ocean known as the internet. Basically, i have seen the light. And for that, I thank Ariel Hyatt directly for indirectly showing me the way. I am not being paid or rewarded for making this post- i am simply that impressed and thankful for the new perspective.

Seeing as this is my first attempt, I'll leave it at this before I start rambling (further), but hey...i'm a blogger now...that's what we are supposed to do right?..ramble on about whatever is in our heads at the moment, and hope that someone somewhere will find use of the info. Very cool.

Ill be back soon--not sure how to instruct people to comment or interact (yet), but if yall know how, feel free to interact.

Peace out- Jimmy Amber Blues