Tragic End / Blog

2nd Album Due October!!

That's right, we are finally nearing our release of our second album simply titled, "Tragic End". Stay tuned for exact release date in October, as well as what formats/stores offered!

Reunited, and It Feels So Good

That's right, after a good 3 quarter hiatus, we are coming back! More details will be made public in the next month, but be on the lookout for a newly revamped Tragic End! - Travis

New Album available now!!

Our much anticipated album has finally released on the Google Play store!! We are working on adding the album to Amazon, and iTunes; so stay tuned!!!

Experimenting and Song Writing

As you all know, we just released our first album a few days ago, from 15hifi Recording Studio. But what you didn't know, is that we've also been very busy writing new material. We are dropping our guitars even lower than before, and are currently in the works of tightening 5 new songs! We're also experimenting with different sound and mix techniques, for another album in the near future. So keep your eyes open for new updates, and your ears open for some new sounds!

Album is finished!!

We have our completed album, and will upload the 3 song EP on here, and will have the full album on sale digitally soon!

No studio

We have decided to set up shop and record in our garage-turned-studio. We've got all of the studio mics, computers, boards, software, and a bit of engineering knowledge, that we're going to tackle the recording ourselves. We will be starting Monday, with the drums first. We are excited, and hopeful that this is going to sound great! So keep a look-out in the upcoming months for our CD release!

Shopping for studios

We are currently shopping around for a recording studio to put out our much anticipated album. Not only that, but we can finally post our updated tunes on our profile for you all to hear! Stay tuned!