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What I'm up to!

Hi, Hope everyone is staying well and creative.

Just a quick update...

I’m working on a couple of main projects right now. First one is an EP called Recovery Blues – some 12 bar and other blues-based sounds.

The second project is called Singing To Rooks, which is , I think, more indie-folk sounding.

I’m also excited because I continue to write/record a few tracks with the Phantom Ramms. Also, I am jamming a couple of tracks with my brother Shaun, which is something we haven’t done for a while.

Thanks as always for the on-going support.

New songs

Hope everyone is well and staying creative. Working on new songs at the moment- some blues based and others more folky. Hoping to share with you soon! Thank you for all the support you give:)

New album!

New Album: Old Blue Boat Other Songs of the Sea- out @ EASTER!


Working on new songs and still polishing my album The Old Blue Boat & Other Songs of the Sea. Hopefully due out in spring/summer. I hope everyone is staying well and creative! Thank you so much for all the on-going support.

Happy Christmas and a great New Year!!

Hi Folks, I just wished to say a massive thank you to everyone who has connected with me here and elsewhere during 2014. Your support and positive messages have meant more than I can say:)

New EP

Hi Folks, I hope everyone is staying really well and creative. My very latest EP Dagger Lane and Other Tales of Mystery and Mayhem is now available to download on Bandcamp, I Tunes, Spotify etc. I have recorded this EP under the name of Johnson & The Phantom Ramms . Also my recent collaborations with my talented friend Jose Alberto Moraes (John Armless Project) is now available on an EP called Departure's on soundcloud . I hope you have time to listen, share and maybe even download!!:) So many thanks as always for your support and positive vibes.

Free download

Hi Folks, I hope everyone is staying well and creative. My latest EP Rainbow over Town is currently available for free download: https://johnsonramm.bandcamp.com/album/rainbow-over-town Great if you downloaded and shared!!:)

New EP Rainbow over Town.

Hi Folks, Thank you as always for the support. I'm hoping my latest song based EP Rainbow over Town will be released in a few days time. I also have an instrumental acoustic guitar based EP forthcoming, too. Hope you can stream, download and share!:) JR.

New mini album

Hi Folks, Latest EP Down to the Bone out in May. Three tracks produced by Musiker Records. Also writing some tracks with John Armless. Thought about adding one of our tracks to Down to the Bone but are thinking a joint EP now. Thank you for the support; means more that I can say in so many ways:)

Thank you, song upload and new EP

Hope everyone is staying well and creative. Many, many thanks for your visits and support. I have posted a new song today 'Songs from a Sunken Island', which I hope you like. My latest acoustic guitar instrumental based EP is also available now to download from bandcamp:)

Take care.