Mr. Trouble / Blog


I just sit back in wait for the next man to hate. For the rest pay time on another date. Then I take his heart rate, then penetrate his mate all in good faith. No need to masturbate because it’s getting kind of late. Send him off for the ambulance to zip him up for his eternal rest.

No one knows why he would try in test left. The results with no one to confess. It was just a bloody mess, 223’s to the chess, at his own address. Did it for a profit no less smoking bomb sess. Heard the word from a bird. Took you in thirds, shit you in turds. This is for his tweakings, now look who’s speaking. This is his new beginning. Begging why he’s sinning, look what death might bring for two birds to sing. Welcome to my ring. He was always devil blind, picked up from behind, for no one to find. Now you want to call get no response. Got you wondering where I’m at. Now he’s searching for my sack, time to plot back with the ending results.

With my rele’s on some different shit, made my plot legit. Why the other man counterfeit waiting for hits to round up his bits. He needs more than first aid kits to stitch up his wounds. It was just another goon, see you soon, exit at high noon, with your silver spoon. Chop him up a full moon. Welcome to your doom. Waited in your room to give you the boom. Trying to see if his head would bloom. Broom broom off to the next, sent him a text, told his bitch to undress, rested my dick on her chess. So you could see who I be enticing. Your penis envy got you buzzing with the bees. Plotting your sting, trying to see the whole thing. Before you fall out, call out. Get taken out in route. Now you know what it’s about. No doubt.