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We The Living new tour dates and blog

We The Living have updated their tour dates and have posted a new blog online!


tour dates...

6.01.08 Entering the studio… 6.28.08 Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI 6.29.08 Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI 7.01.08 Cornerstone Festival (Fatcalf Stage) – Bushnell, IL 7.02.08 Cornerstone Festival (FCTurdle Stage) – Bushnell, IL 7.05.08 Eau Claire Grand Hall - Eau Claire, WI

DEMAND We The Living!!

We The Living has a mini-mission for our fans.

We have a new widget on our myspace called "Demand It," and we need you to STAND UP and DEMAND We The Living!

It's not as hard as it sounds, really. Just go to the link below, and enter your zip code.


Thanks! - We The Living


Ladies and Gentlemen,

WE have a blog!!!!!

If you're looking for high quality entertainment, a look into our everyday lives, or just an excuse to procrastinate that term paper coming up, come check out our blog.

Currently we have two posts up, but we're planning on adding a new video, interesting fact, or photos weekly!


See you out there,

-We The Living