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New Twitter Account!!

I had to create a new Twitter account, so now you all can follow my tweets again!!!

Now What CD!!!!

My CD "Now What" is now available on eBay!!! Still selling for $5.00 + shipping!!! The link to purchase is at, http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=111468141841&alt=web Again, Thanks for all the love and support, you guys rule!!!! \m/ \m/

My Songs on reverbnation

Hi everyone, I wanted to let everyone know, the songs I have on this site, are not fully mixed and mastered. I wanted to save that for the CD. If you would like a fully mixed and mastered copy please feel free to ask, the more people that want one the faster they will be produced. Thanks for your support and your love.

Writing music

I find it very pleasing to the soul to write songs from events in my life. It's more of an outlet to express how I feel inside, and I get to turn things that would normally be a bad thing into art. The issue, I run into quite often, is that I'm only one guy doing all the writing, composing, and playing everything, which in turn leaves me limited on what I can write. I have so much more I can do, but like the drums, I'm no drummer, so that limits how far I can go with a song. I believe, I've done pretty good, but I still long for the day I can write with a whole band, and have all the other influences mixed together to create something extraordinary. I know I have the skills and feelings to offer, just wish I could get this band rolling, I know it could be huge with the right bunch of guys!


Well, the video was put on the backburner for now, so I thought I would mess around a bit in my studio, and throw together a lil something for the new song. Hope you guys enjoy it, as soon as I can get it uploaded lol

Looking for Bandmates!!

I am still on the hunt for members to fill this bands needs. If you would like to tryout for a spot, Please send me a message, and we can set it up. Please, only serious musicians looking for a long term band apply. Thanks!!


From what I understand, there is a video thought being tossed around right now for one of my songs. I unfortunately don't have any details on this yet, but it's a big deal for me right now because I have never done one. I will keep you posted when I hear more news.

Mixing & Mastering

Man, I've read lots of DIY books, articles, and blog posts about this subject, but when it comes to actually doing it, it's a very difficult process that many really don't understand. Special thanks to those out there that spend their days perfecting this art!!!! I hope to get to work with a pro someday that can make my music sound as good as I hear it in my head. Someday soon I'm hoping.

Trying to get some music out there.

Become a fan if you like the music. If any bands out there need a guitar player thats serious about playing and having a great time doing it then hit me up, send a message, hell, yell really loud if ya gotta. If I hear ya we can set it up and jam some shit!!