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Song of My Life

Cameron's upbeat single is available on iTunes NOW! Call and request it on your local radio station.

Happy Birthday, Whitney Houston

Before your death, before your comeback, before your public struggles, I loved you. I looked up to you because you made me feel something I've never felt from another singer. You were designed with the biggest and most marveled voice in the known world. I prayed for you when you were down, even though I never met you. I cheered for your triumphs, defended your reputation, and constantly tried to mimic your unparalleled vocal ability. The singer who gave me my dream. My idol, THE idol, Whitney Houston. Happy Birthday, Whitney and may you forever reign as the Queen of Voice!!! Your devoted fan, Cameron 😞 💔

Celebrating Michael

Cameron is one of the many performers chosen to perform a Michael Jackson tribute at the 4th annual MJ show at the Minneapolis Cabooze. Don't miss this incredible night as they pay homage to the greatest entertainer to ever live! Ticket info available @ cabooze.com

Mike Dreams Release Party

Cameron is performing at 1st Avenue on August 11th with Mike Dreams as they celebrate Mike's sophomore recording. They are performing Mike's latest single feat. Cameron, "We Live 'til We Die".

DFY Live Recording

Come to Shiloh Temple on August 18th for the Jovonta Patton feat. DFY live recording! Cameron will be there. Will you?

2013 Grammy buzz!

HUGE NEWS! Cameron's EP got submitted in the 2013 Grammy ballot! We are expecting big things as we anticipate the release of his full debut LP; "Song of My Life", THE RECORD! For this to be happening before album completion is a huge honor and we are forever humbled. Make sure you go download his EP on iTunes today and spread the word!

- LolaJean Music Staff