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Diary Of A Mad Band 6/26/13

Gigs! Or Gigs? Which is more like it...

Love.......the playing part, love expressing art through music, love getting you guys (the crowd) interested in what we are playing. I work hard writing great songs and work even harder honing my chops as both a player and part of a musical unit. This is so worth it to me.

Hate.....the business end of the stick. Filling your calender, the demands of the club/promoter can get frustrating.

Do you know what it's like to hear "Okay, you how many people are you bringing in? Because I need (blank) amount for you to even take the stage." It's frustrating to say the least.

Are promotors even promoters today? Some yes, some...No!! A promoter used to promote both the club and the bands playing that night. Add to that what the band does to get people in and sucess is certain. Now a days, most you are going to get is a flat minimum number of people you need to bring with very little support from the clubs and bookers.

Gone are the days of the promoters making nice flyers, posters, clubs taking ads out, having in house attractions to get people in....Almost all gone.

Gone are the days when the club itself was the draw and people knowig that the club and promoter were always going to bring you a great night of music so just come on down days are gone. It's a numbers game.

Clubs don't even have shot girls any more!!!!

But lets face the facts. Clubs have a short self life, the promoters hands are tied due to many economic reasons that you would be a fool not to understand. This is why bands have to step up more than they used to. Times have changed and you either embrace it or fail.

We choose to embrace....Will there be a payoff? We/original musicians are not in this for the money....We do this because we love to play.

Point being that as frustrating as it can be...I/We/All of us lovewhat we do and hope to have you love what we do.