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Final Round

We made it to the Final Round of the Spiritfest Showcase! Judging has started. It's in God's hands now; I really appreciate everyone that voted, and hopefully we will get the opportunity to play at the concert. Thanks for helping us out guys, you're amazing.

Spiritfest 2012

Voting ends today, and in a week, we will find out if we are going to play with some of the greatest bands in the Christian industry. Stay tuned!!

Check out our live performance of running to you!!!


Check out our sweet video!

Here it is.

New Songs Coming

We will have new songs on reverb by September at the latest! As soon as we get back to school we will get back to work. Thank you for the support guys! :)

To All Who Fanned Us

We sure do appreciate your support. If any of you do read this blog post, let us know what we can pray for you for. Whether we ever sign a record deal or not doesn't matter, the impact we make by furthering God's kingdom is the primary goal. If you need any support, prayer, anything, let us know.

David Crowder

Keep up with us for updates, but there's a chance we will open for David Crowder Band this fall. BUT, there's a condition. We are going to need your help as fans. Stay tuned for details. Love you. 3


Kyle and Nathan are working at JUUMP Camp this summer, which is indeed a Christian Camp aimed at sharing the gospel and reinvigorating the faith of teens. Pray that these two gentlemen will be led by the Lord to lead worship the way it's supposed to be led. Pray they grow spiritually through the experience too. Thanks for everything guys. You're the best.

-Ruter 204

Power of Prayer

Prayer is powerful. Plain and simple. God is alive and well and we as a band believe He is ever capable of answering prayers that come from sincere hearts and abide by His will. Let us know how we can pray for you. We're here to serve.

In Christ, Ruter 204

This Summer

Hey friends and fans! Another quick, short blog entry. We as a band wanted you to know that we are accepting prayer requests anytime that you'd like to have us pray for anything. We need a lot of prayer to make sure God is behind our motives for playing and to stay humble as God blesses us. If there is anything you want us to pray for, you can comment on this page, message us, tweet us, get us on Facebook, or ask for one of our numbers. We want to assure you that nothing is too big for God, and the power of prayer is prominent. Love you guys!