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God's Plan

I wrote the song "God's Plan" for a dear loved one who lost her life to breast cancer exactly 5 years ago (11/5). It took me 4 years to get up the nerve and leave the guilt behind to write the song. Please take a listen if you've lost anyone to this horrible disease.

Where did I come from?

I've played keys in bands since high school, been a lead singer, and dabbled in drums and bass when I had to. I was in a great funk rock band from 1995-2001, and we had 2 great albums, a huge fan base, and great gigs. Then, we kind of plateaued. Life caught up, some of us got married, had kids, went to rehab, moved away (not necessarily in that order), and I spent the next decade musically uninspired. I couldn’t write a song. It was like someone hit the “mute” button in my brain. And it bothered me because I was the primary songwriter in the band before. Then, after a divorce and another breakup, I moved to a new town, and suddenly my head was filled with new material. It was like a flood. I built my own studio. I recorded 25 songs in 6 months. All the while learning how to mix, produce and master. I was never a guitar player, but since I wanted guitars in my songs, I started to play – nothing fancy yet. Now I have an album coming out, distributed by Reverbnation.com, that should be coming out in November. It’s called “Hellbent for Microfiber” and sounds nothing like Judas Priest. It’s an eclectic selection of songs that I put together, ranging from straight rock’n’roll, to synth pop, to piano ballads, to folk. I’m “genreless.” I’m beginning to post some new material that will likely appear on my next album in 2013. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Thanks! Kitchen