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Ushering out 2013

Time sure does fly! The end of 2013 has almost arrived! As we head into the holiday season.... I hope you have a Merry Christmas followed by a Happy New Year. May Santa bring you everything you wish for! At this time last year... my wish was to touched the hearts of people with my music! This year... so happy for all the friends, fans and followers who have decided to come on board with Rob Post Music! :-D Thank you for being a part of my life and for your support!

A funny thing happened today!

Decided I would re-string my 12 string guitar. I told the man at the store that I was an acoustic country player and asked him what he would recommend for strings. I walked out of the store with a set of Martins. After re-stringing my guitar I tried to play my favourite song. All that would play was upbeat pop songs with a spanish flavour. It was only then that I realized that the strings were Ricky Martins....lol

Come Check Me Out! :)

Hi. I'm new to Reverbnation and would like you you to come check out my profile. It will be so appreciated!