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Being on the road !

Well, it has been a long time no see. After those magnificent introduction of our biggest questions on life, I'm just gonna start basic blogging about Howlin'Ron on tour in Australia. Starting with the Royal Oak show in Launceston - Tasmania. One great venue that was, got paid, got laid and in the middle I was offered beers and applause. Tim, the manager was just perfect, thanks again mate ! We'd sleep in the car (for I was workin in the morning at 06:00), but he'd say no way, we'll put up a room for you. Good.

What is music about ?

This is a very simple issue, the music is what makes me live, so for me it is what life's about ! It helped me out, with some reading though, trough very bad times, times like you don't want to recall, especially not on a blog about music, but... If he want's peace with himself, a musician must make music, a painter must paint and a poet make poetry Music gives the freedom to express those things you don't talk about ! It can be a power chord or a cryin lick, one single note, a make-cry lyric sung with sadness, with happyness or even spoken ! So create it or listen to it...but music can save your ass ,starting with your soul :)


What is life about ?

Approximatively 4 billion years ago mother Gaïa started to whirl and fuse into some more solid magma, i'd guess there was no life there at that time ! But I still don't know how, after that much of rain (we couldn't live there either), our ancesters appeared in form of a little microb which split and split and...makes us all consanguineous ! After a long long period (cf Darwin), my grand-parents born, how good they did so, very sweet idea -To know you would never have existed always feels strange!- And so on I came to write this few lines to you... It does certainly not awnser YOUR questions about life, unless you didn't know about earth was called Gaïa by the ancient Greeks. As what I've learned is the more you know, the more you're aware you know nothing - Ronny

Live as if you would die tomorrow, learn as if you would live forever - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

What should it be ?

What is life about ? What is music about ? What is making choices about ? What is my choice about ? You can choose your own way ...