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Sworn Amongst Unveil New Beginning!

Well... It's been a fair while coming and after a long period of preparation, we are to return to the European touring circuit complete with a new line-up, a new release 'Scourge Of The Omnipotent' complete with a whole host of new merch which will be accompanying 3 forthcoming singles, all released with videos. These will be coming your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled! We are stoked to announce that this is our most groove laden and aggressive release to date and so dirty you may need to shower after each listen!

We will also be doing some vast touring in support of this! We are beyond wired to get back on the road after almost a year's absence and we are delighted to announce that the public response and PR attention this has attracted has been overwhelming to say the least! So it brings us great pleasure to announce 'Through The Eyes Of The Decimated' Tour 'Part One We can't wait to throw down with you guys again!! See you on the road!

Jonny, Jonny, Rob, Sy & JC