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[Official Music Video]

We have a big surprise for all our fans out there!! You wont get to see it until the weekend but it's gonna be sick. Thanks for keeping up to date with us guys. We have the best fans in the world!!

What a Great Time

We had a great show in Pittsburgh last night. What an amazing crowd. Feels pretty good to look out into a crowd of people losing their minds for songs we wrote. Thanks to all that came out last night! Big shout out to Gorilla Music for setting that up too. We got some awesome pictures and videos coming our way too. Thanks Trista! You're the best. We advanced to the final round of Pittsburgh Battle of the Bands now. That wont be until October but that's gonna be a hell of show! All of the bands last night were fantastic. Our friends in Royal/Revise put on a fucking kick ass set!! We finally got to share a stage with those guys \m/ congrats to the other bands that made it to the finals as well. Keep in touch everybody!! We love to hear from everyone. Dave, Nick, and Colton INSULIN


Chillin in the dorm room, with a dip in my lip \m/ Bitches

Gettin' Psyched!!

What's up everybody!? Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has helped us climb those charts on out BOTB page for Warped Tour this year. We all have a gut feeling something may come of that and we are all hoping for the best. Also a shout out to anyone who is planning on coming to the Pittsburgh show next week at the Rex Theater on the 28th. If you haven't picked up your tickets yet, you can buy one from the band or just buy one the day of the show. It should be great! There are a lot of great bands that are gonna be playing there. Thanks for everything guys! Can't wait to get the hell out of these dorm rooms and do what we do best, and that's play for the best fans in the world!

Love you all, INSULIN

Music Video

Yo guys! INSULIN is officially shooting a music video for Ball and Chain. Dave and Colton did a lot of brainstorming last night, and are looking forward to getting Nick's ideas and on board as well. Until next time, hit us up! INSULIN

Party Like a Rockstar

Saturday, April 27th, INSULIN will be in Pittsburgh preparing for their show on the 28th at the Rex Theater. This show is gonna be packed with a lot of the Pittsburgh area's bands and music groups. Come out and support INSULIN as they bring you one of the heaviest, hard hitting rock and roll sets!


WOW! Can't believe it! Last summer we were ranked #117 at one point, now we're ranked #2. Feels pretty good to have all the facebook, twitter, instagram, reverbnation, and myspace fans interacting with us nearly everyday! Thanks to all you guys for making this worth while for us \m/. Nick, Dave and I are keeping our grades up the best we can while blowing our band up on the internet so we're pretty busy dudes. Along with everything else we're involved in at school, makes for a hectic schedule. Hope everyone is liking the cds and downloads. If you haven't got our cd First Dose yet, what are you waiting for!? It's on iTunes, amazon, reverbnation, spotify, or just hit us up and we'll get you a hard copy with the album art! Love you guys! Colton

Warped Tour 2013

Hey guys!! Thanks for all the messages, emails, and tweets lately! we've been loving the interaction from everyone. We signed up to see if we have what it takes to play the one and only WARPED TOUR this year, but we're gonna need everyone's help to get there. If you have seen us live before, you know that we bring a hell of a show to whoever wants it. Warped Tour wouldn't even know what hit them with us up on that stage \m/ That sounded kinda cocky, but you guys get it. All we need you to do is vote for INSULIN with the link on our pages (facebook, twitter, reverbnation) and submit your vote for us AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH! Thank you guys. We will always love our fans and the people who support us. Let's take this shit to the top!


Happy Easter!

Feels pretty good to be standing where we are today. Last year at this time we were ranked #117 in our local area on our Reverbnation.com account, and today we are ranked #3, have a full length E.P. under our belts, people are blowing up our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and our Reverbnation page. We're planning a music video for Ball and Chain, a tour for the summer of 2013, a Battle of the Bands in Pittsburgh (which is having a "fan party bus" from New Castle to Pittsburgh the day of the show, just for INSULIN fans, our friends, families, and random people love the CD, and it just gets better everyday. A LOT of people doubted us, but from where we stand today, those people can kiss our asses! Thanks to EVERYONE who has ever supported INSULIN and all we do. We love our families, friends, and fans!! Peace! Happy Easter!!

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram if you would like to \m/ twitter.com/insulinrocks instagram.com/insulinrocks reverbnation.com/insulinrocks


Hey guys! Our Twitter account is blowing up with fans and we love it! If you haven't yet, follow us on Twitter @insulinrocks and see what we're up to daily! Thank you guys for all the support and love and we can't wait to see everyone on the road this summer, 2013.

Much love, INSULIN (Nick, Dave, Colton)