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Rockstar Uproar Festival

f you get a chance, there are 2 days left.Please give us a few votes? Thanks!!


Mission Accomplished!

It's been a rough 2 weeks. Be we finally got the #1 spot here one reverb. We are amazed! Keep on listening and fanning! Now we just gotta keep it! Thanks to all our supporters!

Love, Hate and Gunfire!

First 2 weeks we have had a great response. People are loving it, and we appreciate it and love you all! But sadly coming up to #2 on Reverb we have rustled a few jimmies. Well were not gonna bother even replying anymore. You want our spot? Come take it ! Love you guys! See you at the top -Mike

Cicada spreads it's wings

We will be booking shows in Albuquerque, Denver, Phoenix, and elsewhere within the year. Keep an eye out for our postings and hope to see new faces.