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The Roundy, Nov. 2013

Thanks everybody for making the gig at The Roundy one to remember!

We had a blast, and it was great to see old friends, and make new ones.

Thanks to Hugh Rose for organizing, the guys from Tapp'd for a great performance and JEP for sharing with us his amazing music.

We hope we'll see you again really soon.

Johnny Horne

Fred Zeppelin's

One week after our last gig at Fred Zeppelins, we can look back and see a lot of good things to remember from that night.

Everybody who participated in the event, from the bands till the sound engineer and the venue managers, were fantastic. Seriously, we LOVED it.

Thanks to the Unwinding Cables, Kendo Danger Nagasaki and Sharon, for two great acts, and thank you Joel for achieving such a terrific sound!

Also, the audience was brilliant. We could see a lot of old followers and friends, and a lot more new people coming in and banging their heads.

Johnny Horne salutes you all!

Later with The Grunts' show at the Roundy, Cork

Thursday’s show was AWESOME!

Excellent venue, great crew and amazing audience, altogether to make a fantastic night (despite the miserable weather).

Pete Mac and The Grunts were huge.

Thanks everybody to make it happen!

Latest show in Cork City

We're excited, really excited that The Grunts invited us to one of their 'Later with The Grunts' shows at The Roundy!

We will be playing next Thursday the 17th of January with Pete Mac and The Grunts themselves.


Things to come

After the U.S. shows, things did slow down quite a bit. However, lately it all started moving again:

A lot of rehearsals, new songs being finished, very interesting people met, a show booked (actually, our very first show in Ireland!)... this is what has been going on in the last weeks.

We are looking forward for this gig, and we hope it will be the kick-start to get us on the road for more shows, more tunes and more recording!

Stay tuned, and do not forget to show up this Saturday in Bubble Room Studios for an amazing time!

Top 10!

Despite the miserable weather, we had our little ray of light today: we reached the top 10 in the alternative band from Cork's chart.

Thanks to all the new and old fans for your kind support.

Stay cool!