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Still Here Mix-Tape Updates/New projects

Hello everyone! I know it's been a very long time since I've put out some new material but what I got going on right now will be worth the wait! I'm still working on Street Flo's "Still Here Mix-tape" that has a lot of good featured artists on it with a BUNCH of different styles. Artists such as Yung Markz, Car Seat Thieves, Nacko, Zick Martin, Trigger C, & Kontrolled K-oz. I'm still searching for a few more features on the mix-tape with out of state artists. Also we got a new production company under construction right now under Street Flo known as "Grow House Productions". Be on the look out for many graphics & videos coming out from G.H.P! Stay posted! Spread the music! & stay grindin'! -Infamous

Still Here Mix-Tape/Upcoming Concert

Street Flo is now in the process of a Mix-tape know as "Still Here"! We are looking to feature a lot of local artist such as Get It Boyz, Kontrolled K-oz, Trigger C, & a new member of Street Flo X-Ray. The release date to the Mix-Tape is N/A at this time but we are shooting for a December 2012 release. Also November 26, 2012 @ Hodi's Half Note in Fort Collins, CO Street Flo Record artist Trigger C has a concert! 10$ a ticket! Call 970-301-0659 for ticket information. Stay connectred for more info on the "Still Here" Mix-Tape & other Street Flo News as well! Much love, Infamous.


We are working on a lot of new projects, music, merchandise, & we are trying to start doing a few shows! So stay on the look out for all the new shit that will be coming out! & for now fan, fan, fan, & play, play,play!!! -Infamous