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Album Release Show

June 2 (Sunday) is my Album Release Show. I have been rehearsing with the band members individually for a while, but last night had the pleasure of having them in the same room. There is a real pleasure in hearing your creation come out from a speaker after the long recording process, but to hear it come to life all around you with such wonderful musicians is a really special moment. And we rehearsed in a thunder-booming lightning-flashing storm. And there was a Christmas tree. In May. Thank you Adam Bosse, J Witbeck, Andy Kivela, Jen Gelineau, and Nicole Fizznoglia for playing with me! I'm looking forward so much to the show!

Valley Free Radio 103.3 FM

Pretty psyched about being interviewed tomorrow by Josh Braska at Valley Free Radio, 8 am! I even had a nightmare-like dream last night that I was late to the interview! Let the fun begin!

Finished the album!

I'm so pleased to announce that I have finished my album, Resolution, and can't wait until February 21st when I should get the actual honest-to-goodness discs I can hold in my hands!

White Horse

Working on finishing my first new song in several months. Had so many other things on my mind. First draft: White Horse

All the things you wish you'd forget The soft blue smoothed underneath your fingers And the sound of your own voice catching in your throat But I'll remember

Folding up inside yourself Feel the walls caving in Feel his eyes watch you drowning There is no shore left to which you could swim I'll remember this all You will bury this I will carry this

Should have been my own white horse

I still see him in my dreams Somehow it's still the same as it was in the winter and the spring As if the fall never came I will carry this all I will carry this

Should have been my own white horse My own tall tower

I won't leave you here I won't leave you here I won't leave you here I will carry you home

My own white horse My own tall tower My own walls My own shining armor

My own stars My own boat home I will carry you home

Goodbye Lullaby music video

After 3 hours of video taping myself with a shaky camera in a stuffy room on Sunday, and then quite possibly a total of 9 hours editing (and learning the editing program) over Monday and Tuesday, I have completed my first music video. Hoping to get it up when I can. Note to self: get some help next time, and find a bigger space to use!

Vocal tracks

Just got back from recording the first final vocal tracks. Sitting back now and listening to them. It's hard to be critical of the technique while not killing the emotion I wanted to get from the vocals. Mostly, it's great to hear the songs in a full-formed way. Only worked on 3 1/2, so at least 3 more (short) sessions!


I've noticed that on my YouTube channel (NuCattleya), the video that has the most views (Still Here) is the one I did in my living room where my cat surprises me by opening the door, walks around off camera, and rubs agains the tripod a few times so that the camera moves slightly. Then she leaves just as the song ends when I sing "And I'm still here." Is it the song that gets the views? Is it the ruan which I play that interests people? Is it the strange yellow cast of the video? No, it's simply the cat-video phenomenon. Maybe next time I'll superimpose funny cat pictures in my songs, and see what happens...


My first blog. Just signed on to reverbnation this morning, and thought I'd give it a go. Not that anyone will read this, but I can keep a personal record of my musical endeavors all in one place. I'm looking forward to Friday's recording session, since it will be the first for the real vocal tracks. So all the work and recording up until this point has been for this moment! It's been a great feeling hearing everything come together, and involving so many friends in the process. And I'm so excited to be coming near to the final product. Bye for now!