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Adorn Cover


Check out the Adorn - Miguel Cover - Mellow out version just updated to my video's. More music to come this week. Thanks!!

Rap hook to “What you gonna do with it” - 7/22/2012

(Sing) Teach me how to love… (Rap)Naw, I can’t really do that, You gotta learn it on your own for it to work (True that) You can sit and hope it come from thin air Your just be sitting cause it doesn’t come from there Now let me break you off with a thought that may be new (Go head) Before you can give your love, you got to love YOU (Oh yeah) Cause if you gave it all tonight and ya still lonely tomorrow That LUST not Love and that ish just bring sorrow (Amen) So take some time, relax, it aint that hard It’ll come so fast it may knock you off your guard And when it comes, and it last and it is meant Lay back and ask yourself (SING)“What you gonna do with it.