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October's End...

So i just did the poetry showcase at Katra's Lounge in Manhattan, and honestly i was really moved by some of the acts. Doubt you care but i felt like i had to share that. lml.

Okay so news, news, news!

Heard mixtape drops: Nov. 1 Kenny Orlando drops: Nov 26

And Benjamin Barz's tape drops soon but the date is yet to be announced.

New Video's November!! Each week dropping a new video.

Stay Tuned.

Much Love ~KayBoogzz~


Apologies for the lack of communication. So a few changes in workings but we're getting to the release point.

So whats on the agenda?

3 tapes to be dropped thats what. The Heard mixtape drooping soon "The Heard of Thieves". Second, Benjamin Barz "The Awakening". and last but not least on Divine 9 Kenny Orlando's Third Sun Rising.

As far as the order it is uncertain but just be aware that videos are coming with the tapes and so is the potential to go viral!

Much Love, Boogzz

Industrial Integration

So the new moves are as goes working with DivineNine Records , but that doesnt mean Strictly Prohibited is done just means that the focus point for S.P.E is to work with our other artists and to expand equipment wise and artistry wise, SWERV collab canceled but music still coming out soon, and a KayBoogz S.P.E Release is only a few weeks away so be prepared

~Much Love~Boogzz~

Update in the Studio

I can't begin to explain what's happening. i can use some keywords like Progression, Infectious, Brewing a storm. But it is hard for me to not leak anything out but i might say a little something. Prepare for a flood...

Good Day ~KayBoogzz~

Swerv Mixtape Feature

Alright so coming soon is the Swerv Apparel Mixtape and i shall be featured. A video will be coming out with it and hopefully we get a good response. Hopefully we can get a little promotion for it and this'll be a milestone. Ill keep yall posted. Be Safe ~Boogzz

Making Movement

Recently I have dropped my "IDEAS" mixtape, but that isnt my main priority at this moment. For now the promotion is being attended to but not to its fullest, what is being attended to is the making of the new Clique and Label. AS well as the making of the new studio with a new name. this is only the beginning of something beautiful, just wait and see...


Ideas came out folks. Have you heard it yet? Well check it out at www.hulkshare.com/kayboogzz

also streaming is Illuminated on Youtube or you can also find it on the Reverb page.

~Much Love Boogzz

The Smokin' Section

At times when we are feeling low, all we have to do is get high.