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Hello and Welcome to Kink Alfred

Kink Alfred was born long ago but only fused recently. Dedicated to an authentic 60's rock/blues sound, Kink Alfred is in the process of writing material that we hope pleasures your senses and provokes your mind. The members of Kink Alfred have all been engaged in this kind of music for years. Yeah, we're long in the tooth. All the better to bite you with, my dears.

joeyess (alleged ringmaster) will do the provoking. His job has been made easy, being surrounded by professional and talented individuals that represent and employ an egalitarian approach to making music.

joeyess will provoke with humor, politics, skepticism, and a his own unique form of misanthropy. He's an acquired taste. He's the "Kink" in Kink Alfred. If you already know him, you know that he loves and cares about his fellow human beings, he's just not that fond of them when they're driving cars. If you already know him, you love him - or at least tolerate him (your mileage may vary) - and expect the provocation.

If you aren't familiar with joeyess, he'll grow on you as the night wears on, and as you become accustomed to his "tone" (which he doesn't care about, btw) you will realize that "tone", in the rhetorical sense of the word, is often whined about by those who are usually comfortably unafflicted. joeyess has commissioned himself with the task of afflicting the comfortable.

Stephan Barr drives the guitar. It's his world, you're just living in it. And it's a pleasant place to reside. He's listened deeply for years and been influenced by the best and has found his own unique tone and style. Rock music has always been a temptation. Steve's playing is a new and improved version of that vice.

David Nauman is a former guitar player that has taken the bass guitar to a new place as well. Again, great tone and dead-on-balls accurate riffs. Add to that his 5 string bass with an air moving low B string and you get the idea.

Rounding out this power trio rhythm section is our drummer, StanLee. StanLee has been 'round the world in deep ways that only he can explain. Again, dead-on accurate with a great foot and a touch of Blues/Jazz fusion, StanLee is the beat that drives Kink Alfred.

What does the future hold? No one knows. However, one can decide to travel certain paths that have either grown over or never been tried. That's Kink's mission.

We hope to bring to you a total Audio/Visual experience that encompasses all the threats mentioned above. We hope to make you laugh. We hope to make you dance. We hope to inform and entertain. We are determined that you listen.

We hope.

Barb Weiner
Barb Weiner  (almost 6 years ago)

I'll be waiting