Soul Shack, BABY!

I first contacted the Soul Shack in Gafney Sc in January off a recommendation from Ric Delozier - a local musician friend of mine. The price was right and Jeff Gates, aside from being a phenomenal musician in his own right (and also played the keyboard parts on Shebop by Cindi Lauper) is a pretty capable engineer, as well. We came in and worked hard for quite a few months and now we are nearly finished. The goal is to be complete by the end of the year. We have only vocals to do and a little guitar work on one tune. Then it's off to mixing and mastering while all the copyrighting, finalizing artwork and all the other logistical stuffy-stuff is done.


The long neck-breaking learning curve that is "Band Website Updating" is underway! Check it out and give me some feedback. www.allofakind.net Stooty

All of a Kind and Veterans

This past weekend, AoK had the privilege of playing for a group of Combat Veterans with PTSD who served their country valiantly in conflicts from the Korean War to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The event was held in Ebeneezer Park in Rock Hill, SC as a way to get veterans dealing with post traumatic stress out in public and socializing with other veterans. The turnout was great. I estimate at least two hundred people were there, consisting of veterans, veteran's families and friends. The food (also provided by Veterans) was amazing. Bands have unique opportunities to contribute to worthwhile causes. All of a Kind is no different. We would like to thank the Staff at the Rock Hill VA Outpatient Clinic, the veterans PTSD groups, Guitars for Vets and all the veterans and family members who partied in the park with us on Saturday.


I've recently worked out a deal with Drew, Route 7's manager, to play there every other week starting on September 20th! So if you're close to the Gastonia/Lowell area, check the dates on the page and come hang out with the band. We would love to see your faces! Stooty

AoK's first album is almost done!!!

We have some finishing touches left to add down at the Soul Shack and WE - - are - - DONE!!! We will keep everyone posted on the official release date. In the mean time, check out our live show dates and upcoming events on our page. Stooty