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Free music

Since Rubella Graves is no longer together we've decided to make our music available for free. All of the songs you find on our Reverb Nation page are free for the taking. just click download and enjoy.

A couple of notes: "The World Will End in The Key Of G", and "Everything's Beautiful And Nothing Hurts" are our two studio albums, and therefor the best quality, soundwise. "Live Loft" is a pretty good quality live recording. "The Last Last Show" is a live recording of our final show in our friend, Wendi's, garage on August 31, 2013. It was recorded on a handheld Tascam digital recorder, so the sound quality is not optimal. I include it here for the convenience of the rest of the band, and for anyone who just has to have it. I will be adding other poorly recorded demos and unreleased tracks in the future for the same reason.

Thanks for listening!