Dec. 22 show

THE DAY AFTER THE WORLD END'S PARTY!!!! Luis Vargas from BOUND will be joining Glass Emblem for the night to do some BOUND songs and some new tunes as well, also it is the first show for Shawn Telkamp and Shotgun Abby and it is also Adam Branham first show with Audio Viral so this is a show you do not want to miss!!!!!!!!!!! And Reining Heir will be amazing as always... December 22nd 2012, the day after the world ends party!!!! At the Jefferson Warehouse in St. Louis..... 9pm

Making Changes

Making major changes in my life. The people who are in my life and don't care, or at least don't care enough to show that they care are being eliminated. Its not about being ignorant or rude. Its about taking the back power that I have given others over me. It's walking away from people I have allowed to bring me down. The healthiest way for me to do this is to simply walk away. I am also leaving behind anger, the hurt, the betrayal that has been a part of this. Its about me growing as a person and figuring out what I want to do with every aspect of my life. This, like myself, is a work in progress. It wont be easy but I know how strong I am. I will be fine away without people who don't care. No regrets, because I have learned from the experience. For that, I am thankful

I know from private conversations I have had with some of you, that there are several people out there in an unhealthy situation, they are holding on in hopes that it will change. I hope for you it does. However, if not, do yourself a favor and walk away before it drags you down to the point of where you break. Do what you can to make your life and your circumstances, as well as your surroundings what you want them to be.

Rough Cuts

So we thought it was important to get some music on the site but we have not really had time to record anything so we went ahead and put a few live songs we did during practice, just to give you a taste and thats all it is, these are very rough cuts and unfinished pieces and there is much much more to come we just wanted to put something out there for you to hear!!!! so enjoy and we will get busy and get more stuff recorded!