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Hit 700 on Twitter! Welcome and G'day to all my Buddies!!


WooHoo!! 650 Twitter Followers!! ThankYoo so much!!


600 Twitter Followers!! ThankYoo for yoor friendship & support!!


150 Facebook page 'likes'!! ..thankYoo for yoor friendship & support!! https://www.facebook.com/AndrooCrothersMusic


500 Twitter Followers!! ..thankYoo for yoor friendship & support!!


Hi everyone! Just thought i'd mention that when i fan folks up on Reverb, i give yoo my full support, and across the links as well. I'll hookup with yoo on everything that im hooked up on. Facebook page, twitter, Soundcloud, i'll even find yoo on the new Myspace!! I'd also really appreciate yoor love in return! Thanks once again for yoor friendship and support. I'm lovin all the tunes i'm hearin as well! Love & Peace ..Androo


Welcome to all my new friends! .working on some fresh tracks

Gig on Sat 15 Sept

Playing with bands steeplejack and ROSANNA'S RAIDERS in Colac, VIC...tix from COPACC...Call 5232 2077.

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Fan total on ReverbNation is up to 777..........