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We all have influences. For some of us, it’s our parents, for others, it’s our siblings, for others it’s our friends or teammates or music or something else. If you’re like most people, you’re influenced by things you don’t even realize and you may not care to know. You may go your entire life loving a particular sound or time of day and that’s just who you are and it’s perfect. There’s no need to know why. I was that way with the music I listened to until I started realizing that the songs I write have a style to them, which I haven’t heard much of. I grew curious as to where this sound and style came from and I started looking. I knew my sisters had a large influence, but it wasn’t until I started looking deeper that I found my answer. I am the youngest in a family of 5 girls with a 10 year age span. I look up to every one of my sisters and growing up with 4 amazing, strong, determined, influential role models, not even to mention my mom, had a profound impact on me. I strived to be as cool and successful as them. Cool in my “little sister world” meant if they were in high school and I listened to their music, I was way ahead of my time. The oldest sister – she was Red Hot Chili Peppers. The second sister was Dave Matthews Band. The middle sister was Tu Pac. The fourth sister was Weezer. My mom listened to Andrea Bochelli and we all listened to country and still do. What do you get if you mash up those years of influence and emotional release from all that music? THAT is MY style. It’s country with a touch of rock that has been shaped like a country landscape worn from years of water carving it’s path in the rock. Every now and again a chord will ring out that reminds me of a day on the beach or of dancing in my room at 13 years old. We all have those moments, you know, the ones that trigger memories of days gone by. My moments are mixed up in what I write – in the stories, in the emotion, and in the music.

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