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Hello my friends and fans! Someone once said, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans..." Well, I have been planning some things for this Summer and, by and large, they are developing into something that resembles what I had in mind. First, I'm making preparations to get started on the next album; the boys in the band have the songs and are working up their parts, and we should begin rehearsing soon. This album, tentatively entitled "Homes," will have a lot of positive songs and satisfied backward glances at the journey. Excited. Next week I intend to get with Del Couch, of the Del Couch Music Education Foundation, to record an original song for inclusion on his project--as yet untitled--that will be done BY veterans FOR veterans...songs and memories. The proceeds of this venture will be in an emergency fund for vets down on their luck, or who just need a stop-gap bit of financial assistance. Gary Senise's "Wounded Warrior" project has already signed on to help get the word out and promote this album. I'm also trying to put the finishing touches on my latest novel, "The Hot Dog King," so that absorbs a lot of my creative energy. This is a fun book of murder, relationships, and the roadside culinary industry. Finally, I'll be sharing the Friday night Pastry Art Cafe music gig with a couple of other great local singer/songwriters. Joe B. has decided to pass the torch to us and we will not let him down. Oh, I almost forgot; I recorded an interview for the Suncoast National Talent Radio Show, broadcast on RockitmanRadio.com this past week. This show is archived on their website, and I hope to get a copy of it to post on ReverbNation soon. Best wishes, my friends; and thank you for your continued support of me and my music. Wendell

"Found and Lost" Now Available

Pleased to announce that my new CD, "Found and Lost" is now available in hard copy at introductory price of $7.95. Email me for details re: payment and shipping, or locals stop by my shop for your signed copy today.


Well, producing this first CD has truly been an eye-opener. Whew! I first thought it'd be done by May. Then June. Except the studio was on vacation in June. So, of course, July. Then, naturally August. You get the point. The thing is, once you get in the studio and hear the music you've been singing, just you and your guitar for years, come to life in the production process, weeeelllll, let me tell you, it's like heroin. Wicked addicting. The more you hear, the more you want to do (although, often less is more). Then, of course, the budget looms and well, it has to be "finished" sometime, right? I've got at most two more sessions of editing/mixing/blending, then off to the Mastering lab, then off to publishing, and well, long story short, we're shooting for "by the end of September." Thanks for being fans, friends, supporters. I hope you find the finished product to be something you want to share with your friends.

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Trovato e Perso t Coming Soon

New CD, "Trovato e Perso" should be out by June