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My Experience's with Life, and the Internet

My name is MrSuperUltimate. I am an up and coming YouTube user who has been composing music for 14 years, and uploading it for 3 years on YouTube. Lately, I have been dealing with alot of hate from both YouTube and other Music Composers. YouTube do not like the fact that i have build a fan base and a name for myself in most parts of the world. This is due to a video I uploaded in 2012 that was aimed at people who treated me bad. Someone took it the wrong way and reported me for no reason at all. Youtube decided to take down the video and go as far as to say I had other people clicking on the ad’s to make more money. This is 100% NOT true and shows how sorry and petty YouTube really is.

I see alot of videos that are far worst and even go as far to attack all the fans who support the channel. So, why are these videos not taken down? Because these content, or as I like to call it, “Craptent” provider’s make YouTube lots of money, that’s why! And, don’t get me started on the other YouTube music composer’s. They hate me because my content is good enough to go viral without cheating by using “view bots” or paying real money for my views and fans…(It seems every time I sign up for a new site, someone wants to be my friend.) Until I can no longer help them out that is.

I love and appreciate all my fans and in no way am I attacking anyone in this blog. I have given 4years of my life to my channel and all I ask for is to be apperciatedmore because I do not have to share my talent with people who do not appreciate. These are the one’s who knowing use my music without my permission. I understand people do it as a way to show me respect, but when you do not credit me, or even go as far to make money off my music by allowing ad’s to run over them, you are not only disrespecting me, but you are showing me that I wasted my time creating something that came from my heart for you to hear. It was a gift from me, but the gift was never yours to use as a way to feed your family!

Like a new born child, my music was created by me and no one has the right to take my child away from me as if it is some cheap slut to pimp out on the streets for profit. If you want to use my music that is fine, but let this be a warrning, because if I find out you have altered or use my music and anyway. I will find it and the next time you see ad’s running over it, it will be accompanied with tags that show I am the original owner and all money you would have got from that video will go to me because I will NOT be disrespected by anymore. Love was a powerful word to me once but because of people who do not appreciate me. That word love is only a word and nothing more to me. Too all others that DO love me enough to follow rule’s I should NOT have to layout to them everytime. You will get more of my love and time than anyone else that claims to “Support” me. http://www.reverbnation.com/mrsuperultimate