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The Great American is Coming

Hello friends, gals, and scoundrels!

Well, we might as well be honest. We haven't been doing a good job of keeping you folks informed about our new record. Hopefully we can clear a little bit up for you guys now. Since November, we've been in Black Wing Studio with the talented and handsome Winn McElroy making our first album. In all honesty we have been having the time of our lives in that tucked away place in Water Valley. The feel of the Black Wing Studio was something we all clicked with immediately, as well as the man of sounds and knobs, Winn McElroy. He knew how to cut up with us and make it fun for everyone, but he was professional and very passionate about his work. He's burned the candlelight for us and deserves his props. We celebrated his birthday and rang in the New Year in the studio with a cake and Zoo Pal's plates. Board games, laughs, tracks, takes, drives, Ramen, and love has filled up this winter for us and Lord only knows what's around the corner. We can't tell you how excited we are about these clangs, horns, and shakes we call an album and for you to hear it! We are so thankful for this experience and for you for listening and supporting these noises. WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE WHO DONATED TO OUR KICKSTARTER. We are in the process of taking care of those rewards and will notify you when all the loose ends are tied and shipments received.

In other news, we have two new members that haven't been properly announced yet! Connor Wroten slaps the bass and Nathan Ford tears up the fiddle for us now and are wonderful musicians but okay as people ( kidding ) ( maybe ). Be sure to make them feel welcome at our future shows! In additional news, we are now with Sons Of Old Town Collective operated by our friends, and talented musicians in their own right, Cory Cox and Brady Gomillion. All of our booking will be done through SOTC now which can be contacted at sonsofoldtown@gmail.com. Once again, we are so excited about this album and to put it in your hands. We hope you are excited as we are. We will miss that white house in Water Valley, Mississippi but we will return someday with new songs.

We are already writing them to be honest.

We hope to shake your good luck hand soon.

The Great American is coming.