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To Our Friends & Potential Clients,

In the summer of 2011 a new musical project was undertaken...MupitAction. However, the foundation for this band was in the making for several years. Two business partners, Jordan McKenney and Tom Reisher, in the field of natural healing also shared a common interest in music and live entertainment. They first started playing music locally and organized/operated an open-mic at Vincentown Diner in southern New Jersey from 2010 - 2011. MupitAction finally came into realization when Ken Ordyk and Marcus Chaney joined together with Tom and Jordan to complete the ensemble.

The vision we had as a band was to not only perform incredible interpretations of some of the greatest dance, rock, and party songs of all time, but to engage the crowd in a way where they actually became an integral part of the show. We encourage the audience to actively participate in our performances...Karaoke Style. Yes, not only do we function as an exceptional cover band but we also serve as a live Karaoke Band. We present our songs in catalog form to allow people to sign up for the karaoke section of our show which is an entire entertainment experience in itself. In addition, facilitating this format, we are able take requests resulting in people staying all night because we play exactly what they want to hear.

We are very fortunate to have talented musicians in our group but we are aware that having great musicians does not always equal an incredible entertaining situation, that is where showmanship comes into play. Our lead vocalist, Marcus Chaney sets the bar high, not only is he a classically trained singer, he has held esteemed performances as lead characters in Broadway classics such as Miss Saigon, Rent, and Smokey Joeʼs Cafe nationally and internationally. That showmanship and talent is contagious because not only does the rest of the band feed off that energy, but also the crowd and staff at the venues where we perform. MupitAction, as a business, understands your customers come first and that is why we strive for musical and theatrical excellence that will leave any audience yearning for more.

Sincerely, Marcus Chaney, Jordan McKenney, Ken Ordyk, & Tom Reisher- MupitAction