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Key Club Memories

March 11th, 2013 the legendary Key Club on the Sunset Strip closes. The Key Club was one of the coolest places to experience live music on the Sunset Strip. I will never forget the very first time I walked through the doors of that legendary club. I had never been on a stage quite like this before that night. I was nervous and excited. Celebrities and rock stars filled the audience for a night of music to support the Red Cross, and The Haiti Relief Fund. I remember walking out onstage, the lights were blinding and I looked out into the audience to see a few familiar faces cheering me on. The crowd was going crazy and my hands shook as I reached for the mic. I looked around the stage, my band was ready. Then I see someone walk out onstage and grab a guitar. It was one of the worlds greatest guitarists, Gary Hoey. He came onstage to jam with our band! He plugged in his guitar. NOW we were ready. I heard my voice though the mic as if it was coming from someone else. ”Ladies and Gentlemen of the Key Club” I said, “Are you ready to get the Led Out?”

The fans cheers shook the place as Gary Hoey started to play the opening riff of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock and Roll’ All of a sudden I didn’t feel nervous anymore, I was at home onstage and we rocked out. I was having the time of my life. The best part of it all? The audience was rocking out with us. The more fun we had the more fun they had. It was incredible. Before I knew it our Led Zeppelin song was over, and we all started into the next song in our set. I was singing and having the time of my life, and before I knew it we were at our last song. The final song in our set was Van Halen’s Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love. Anyone who knows me even just a little bit knows that Van Halen has always been one of my favorite bands. They inspired me to be a musician, that’s why I chose to sing one of their songs in our set. Before we started to play Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love, Gary Hoey got on the mic, and said, ” I would like to introduce to you one of the best and most rockin bassists ever, Michael Anthony of Van Halen” Then Michael Anthony walked onstage. WHAT, did I hear him right, I couldn’t believe it. I was about to play one of my favorite songs from my favorite band, WITH a member from that very band, VAN HALEN. I cheered along with the audience as Michael Anthony walked out onstage. I was so excited I forgot I was onstage. I was the lead singer with Michael Anthony on Bass and Gary Hoey on guitar, I stood there in awe with the biggest smile on my face as they plugged in and got ready to jam.

All of a sudden Gary started to play the Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love riff, and I started to sing, it felt like a dream, was I really here? was this happening? When we got to the chorus, I could hear Michael Anthony’s classic background vocals….Michael Anthony was singing with me. I could hear the music bouncing off the walls of the Key Club and it was just like the record I had been listening to for so long. Except this time, I was the one singing…this was for me one of those once in a lifetime, dream come true moments that I will keep in my best of memories, for all my life.

Before I knew it, the song was over and the crowd was cheering. I had almost forgotten anyone else was even there, the room came back into focus and we walked off the stage. I was swarmed with people coming up to tell me how they loved my performance. I couldn’t believe it. People were asking for pictures and autographs. I hadn’t experienced anything as overwhelming as that before, It was so amazing. I had fans! I was so excited and so thrilled to be able to play on the stage at the Key Club, it was unforgettable, just like the Key Club itself. Thank you Key Club for the all the great memories. Long Live Rock and Roll!!

Madison Rose

Though she counts her influences as everyone from Van Halen and The Beatles to Stevie Nicks, 17-year-old singer/songwriter dynamo Madison Rose channels her inner Joan Jett when—in dishing on her explosive debut full length recording Aftershock—she boldly declares to the world “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll! “I truly feel that it picked me,” she says. “I didn’t just decide one day ‘Hey, I’m gonna sing rock music.’ The music just spoke to me loud and clear, and I listened. My writing and my personal style just evolved from there, now I eat, drink, breath, live Rock and Roll!”