New Album Release

It's coming soon. This is amazing. This is beyond your imagination. November 30, 2015 guitar kenzo yasuhara drums hiroshi hosokawa supervisor masami okui

New song free download

This song is a Christmas gift from us! Free download for a limited time until 15 January 2013.


Free download

Free download for a limited time until October 31, 2012. This song has been recorded in the Album "Breathing in Peaks". Please try to download and listen. Also, I'm glad you think and please comment on this song! We are glad if you can share the download link! :D

Infinity Width

We will publish the second volume of Brandnew LIVE! "Infinity Width" is recorded on track 10 of the Album "Breathing in peaks". This song was made ​​in the image of the "Dream Theater" they respect. HOKKA not rehearse, he has completed the drum part in the recording of only once. Amazing!


Vorrei invitarLa alla festa

How are you? We are very well! We will publish some of the live video on August 25!

"Vorrei invitarLa alla festa" http://youtu.be/hgI5U7sPu_8

This song is not included on the album. However, "Vorrei invitarLa alla festa" is based on a very important member of the STRAND. Try to listen to a song means because very technical!