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First Performance

Well IV Never More had our first live performance last night and it couldn't have been more awesome! We had a bunch of friends and family turn out for our house concert and we really had a great time. The setup sounded great, the guys played well and the after party went into the wee hours of the morn. We are really stoked about this year and all we hope to accomplish. We already have several shows lined up over the next couple of months so we will be off to a strong start.

First Shows

Well we have a house concert and our first venue on the books. We are all really stoked to have made it to this point and are excited to start performing. We will be working hard to stay busy the rest of the year trying to build a name for ourselves. Somewhere in there we will also be working on getting some new materiel written and recorded as well. So here's to 2013 \m/

Lineup and practice update.

So our new drummer Aj is doing a great job and we are excited to be making some great progress. We are almost ready to go and are looking into booking our first show. If all keeps going well we may have our first show in the next month or two, all this work will finally pay off and we can achieve our first big goal. Hold your breath, cause it wont be long now \m/

Band Update

Well the band building is going good, our drummer is learning fast and keeps improving. Working on recruiting a rhythm player currently and getting bass all squared away. Getting closer and closer to that first show! - Fenrix

All Done

Well we finally finished work on our cd. Got all the songs uploaded on reverb nation for all to check out and there are links on all the songs to where you can buy a digital download of the album. Now we are on to the real work, getting the band up and running and ready for some shows.


Well the album is coming along nicely, we are going to end up with eight tracks. As of now we have all the music recorded for seven of the songs and vocals for two and a half of those. Probably be another two or three weeks till the songs are all done, then on to the mixing stage. Band practice is going good as well, we now have a drummer who is learning quickly. Also a new guitarist played with us last week. Still have a lot of learning to do but everyone is improving fast.

Planned two track cd

We are currently trying to get two songs in their completed version so we can get together a small cd to have to hand out to people. Both song will be original songs and will be on the full cd when it is finished. So far one song is almost done, and the next is all written, so it shouldn't take to long to complete either.