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The sights, the sounds!

Ok so since I launched my new page here on RN my outlook is different. I want to show the world what a rock guitarist is like in 2012 and beyond so I incorporate some electronic elements to my music. I decided to start writing instrumentals again and will bring some new ideas to light. So tell your friends about my new page and come join the madness!


I know you all know me from my band Distorted Voices but I also wanted to show a different side of me and the music I create. So I am branching out into a new page to show a different side and maybe a more indepth view of who I am. Yeah the instrumentals that got me to this point are still here but soon Ill have a different bunch of songs. Im currently working on new material as well as images to post. Im going to post videos of me playing and offer anything I can to other players. Music as well as life is a learning experience so lets learn it together! \m/ ......Tom