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Today at Splashduck Farm

The weather is changing back to rain. Tiny has been really noisy as she wants Nippers attention but he's not interested yet. Working on a new track, not named yet. Maybe it'll be something to do with the weather:)

Sunday Late

Working on new music and drawings. Discovered drawing on a white-board with markers, really cool effects and fun:) Love drawing, very soothing and relaxing. I Recommend drawing for relaxation. If you're new to drawing don't feel you have to draw a picture of something in particular. Just draw lines, squiggles, shapes, markings you feel like making. Draw squares, circles (wobbly circles are cool) triangles and whatever. Keep it fun. Just enjoy the simple action of making marks on paper with a pen or pencil and relax:) Contact me if you'd like to talk about drawing.

Thursday Evening

I like the colour orange because it's orange

It's Sunday

Uploaded a new song today called Foreshore Funk. Made a video a few months ago driving along the foreshore here in Mandurah, Western Australia. We love living here near the coast. Lots of stuff happens, events and acts come to the Performing Arts Centre. We had a Crab Festival recently and the Stretch Festival last weekend. It's all about art:)

We Got Rain

Finally, real rain! The ducks are going hypo, getting into mischief in places their not allowed to go:) They so make me smile and laugh. Got inspired and took some simple footage of the rain and sat at the computer and wrote some music for it. The result is Mandjar Rain, the video I have featured on my profile page. Enjoy your day:)

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I also offer my expertise in music, photographic and video editing/production as a service to create slideshow and video presentations set to my original music.

If you have photos and/or videos that you would like something done with so they could be presented to friends and family, maybe on special occassions, in a nicely presented format like a slideshow set to music or edited video set to music, then I can do my best to make those treasured images and memories come alive for you. Please contact me via email