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How I got Joe satriani's guitar

I had tickets to see Satch at the Pompano Beach Amphitheater in 2002. I think it was the 22, on a fri. I went to the Guitar Center The previuos wed. to pick out a new guitar and other gear.I was lookng for a Satch series and they had one. I fell in love with it, and put $1000 down on it, along with $6000 worth of other stuff. I told them I would be back mon. with a cashiers check for the rest. That fri. I went to see the show . Eleventh row.I noticed he was playing a guitar just like the one I picked out. I thought to myself, I cant wait to get my guitar. After the second song he said hi to Pompano, and said one of his guitars was stolen in Atlanta the night before.( my son was there). He said I want to give a special thanks to Guitar Center in West Palm Beach for letting me borrow this one.I thought no freakin way. The show was great. He played 4 songs with it. The show was great as usual, The next mon. I went to the Guitar Center to get my stuff,no guitar,Satch had it.They said they did'nt know if he was going to bring it back or not.Heartbroken I picked out a Steve Vai Gem, got my other stuff and went home. I liked the Gem but was still sick.Three days later they called and said Satch had brought it back, and asked if I still wanted it. I said HELL YEA! Anyway I went and got it and they gave me papers saying that satch played it aug.22,2002