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In the Studio

SPIDEYS SUPER SPOILER TIME!!!! First of all, thanks everyone for not thinkin we suck. we are really excited for you all to hear the latest and possibly greatest from Elephant Gunn. and on that note... time for SPOILERS!!! As for the upcoming album we will be going to new places with our music. Getting heavier in some songs, and more melodic with others. We think you will be pleasantly surprised by this albut and the directing we are goin. Well thats all for... SPIDEYS SUPER SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excitement building for the future.

Well, we have been playing a slew of shows all over the PHX area. For everyone tagging along for the ride, thanks for letting us entertain you. We have a couple more shows to end this year (Including a show on the Apocalypse!) and we've been working hard on some new material. We hope you dig it. Keep your ears open for the newest from Elephant Gunn! \m/

Keep on keepin' on.

Well, we got two different songs we're fine tuning in preparation for the next batch of shows. I just wanna take this time to say thanks to all the bands we've shared the stage with. These bands include Echofuzz, Safety Patrol, RDR, and of course Scarlet 13. I also wanna thanks all you crazy motherfuckers that come to our shows. Making music is one thing, but it doesn't truly kick ass without the people basking in it. You guys all rock! Anyways, the future is nearly upon us, and we have much work to do. We have a lot of plans, so be sure to keep an eye out.


we've been doing alot of righting lately; got two new songs almost done! we are really amped about these new songs, and we all agree that these songs are our best so far. We are doing alot of new things with these two songs... but no spoilers hahahaha!!!! definitely awesome song coming soon though!


Well, it looks like we'll be opening for two bands, Fill The Silence from Seattle, and Echobox from here in the desert as well. There might be more bands playing, more information will be posted as the date gets closer. Hope you guys out there in internetland are ready for a kick ass show come June!

Finally got situated!

Well, we just finished up recording a 5 track demo a couple of days ago. We are hoping to get some more shows with these songs up. Anybody interested in booking us, or just simply wanna check us out, take a look at our facebook page. Until then, for everyone out in internetland listening, we hope you enjoy!