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1500 Connections

Well never really expected his The best thing is all the great music I get to listen to from all the top musicians who have connected with me, Been an eye opener for such awesome tracks & concepts, All the best Rick W @ MTB Studios

May 2016

Always really enjoy all the new connections and make it a priority to check out and listen their music, New studio still in process, of constructing Thanks for all the inspirationnand kind words Rick W MTB Studios

New Year Tracks & Music

Really enjoyed the chance to check out the many diverse styles and great tracks of Everybody. I always try to make the time to have a listen, Thanks All And have a great New Year Rick W MTB Studios

August 2015

Very Inspired by many of the great Artists who have shared their fantastic work and took the time for a visit to my page, Thank You All ! Rick W

July 2015

Made some great local connections, and listened to some fantastic music Continue to connect with great musicians around the world who graciously shared their music with me, Thank You All


Enjoying tons of new music and tracks from all genres, Great creativity and passion showing thru. Thanks all for stopping by and good luck with all your music Take Care Rick W.


Recd some very kind words from some great musicians who took time out for a listen. Thanks to all ! Been getting connected and listening to some inspiring tracks in all styles from many locations,

Mar 2015

New tracks in the works for Spring , Streetside Magic, The Mountain Path, Tomorrows Dreams, A Twist Of Conscience, Thanks all for your time checking out my tracks, All the Best Rick W

Get Right Back Up ! The title & the meaning of thenew track

A new track to get right back up from the last year to face the new. Inspired by all the great music that came my way, from all of you, Thanks in a big way Rick W

Dec 2014

Happy Holidays to all, Your music has been quite an inspiration this year, Looking forward to 2015 Hope to have a new track, " Get Right Back Up" posted soon, Thanks Again