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Blog Entry # 2 (Paying For Shows)

Paying for shows

One of the major issues with the music industry in SLC (other than the fact it's nearly non existstsnt) is the way artists are paid for their work. Not only are artists the main attraction for the show, but they also do nearly all the promotion work and are expected to sell nearly all the tickets. And what amount of ungodly income do they acquire from all this work? All too often in Salt Lake it nothing. Although it seems fair to claim fault with that, as with any issue, there's two sides. I like to compare music to sports (ok, not just me compared the too) when it comes to expenses. Think of the mainstream artists out there as Lebron James in Miami and think of us as... Well, the Utah jazz. Historically the jazz have had great success and even some classic battles with the games G.O.A.T. Even despite that success, teams with a higher market value eclipse the jazz year after year. Well those teams have superstar players you might say. Very valid point to which I would argue, so did the utah jazz. (#1 in assists and #2 in points ain't to shabby) so what accounts for the major difference in success? It's not the talent of the players that determines the success of your team, it's also the level of excitement and dedication your market (fans) can create to keep the constant flow of both resources and players come to the team. Without that major market teams basically rely in luck to aquire great talent to have any success. Not to say sports teams but chanpionships, those are earned. But they can buy the oppurtunity to be in the position to win championships. So lets relate that back to music. Here I am, the next Kobe Bryant, stuck on a team with a market more fit for Gordon Hayward. Naturally I feel my talents are beyond this pert city and take my talents to long beach. Am I wrong? No I'm simply doing a service to the league and opening myself and talent to an untapped market that is more profitable for everybody involved and even those who aren't in terms of the big picture of the league (or in music the industry) after all more big names making more money means more money for u too. So what should a city like Salt Lake do to ensure all of its talent doesn't jet to the surrounding mega cities? Give them incentive not to. Meaning paying the artists as if we ARE a major market is the only means to get to the point regionally where we actually are a major market. Fake it to make it so they say. Well where does the money come from to pay the artists? Great question, that's where all of us as Utahns come into play. It's unfair to ask the promoters and people throwing the shows to pay artists if there isn't a market large enough to support that cost. The answer, expand the market. Only we have the ability to change our lifestyle to one that enjoys and is proud of the local talent. We have the distinct responsibility to not only build talent but to harbor it. And the fact of the matter is basketball players don't play basketball to make a fashion statement with new jerseys ever year (ahem ... Larry h miller) they play to win championships and get paid. And artist don't do shows to lose weight, they do it to get noticed and bring their music to the mainstream and.... Get paid. If Gordon Hayward deserves his millions just to miss jumpers, we deserve our $200 to make you your $1,500 in ticket sales. Just sayin'.

Radio Is... In A Coma

Blog entry #1

Listening to the radio has become more of a chore than a privilege these days. I always felt Being a rapper in a way makes you an unofficial (and extremely biased) music critic. Theres something distinct about listening to a song and Knowing the way the artist recorded it. And it's not necessarily a good 'just smashed the sexiest dime' feeling either.

There was a time when I could listen to music from the objective view of a fan and enjoy it the way the artist intended. The way the normal world hears it. Now, instead of hearing the song, I hear the delay on the Adlibs and wonder what allows them to stutter the last delay before starting the pre delay on the next word. I imagine thats not exactly the emotional response they were going for. In a way the magic of music has diminished since I've become an 'insider' in the music world. The flip side of course is taking the knowledge I learn by listening and bringing it into my own music. I call that the chameleon effect. There are certain things as an artist that your just unable to do on your own (yes I admit it... We're not perfect). A great example for a non music insider; While your listening to your favorite song next, take a moment to ignore the lyrics and appreciate the finer details of the music (completely missing the point of the song... I know). Listen to the echoes after lines or the slight pitch changes on emphasized words. Not to take away from the artist, but that's all music engineer magic. More than likely it took an unknown producer to... Well, produce that sound. Another great example of that process is during the chorus of most 'mainstream' songs. I'm sure you remember the mega hit by wiz Khalifa & snoop dog called 'young wild and free'. But listen to the song again and notice how in the chorus it isn't just wiz singing the lyrics. There appear to be other 'not quite wiz' voices as well doing the harmonies. This is actually a production tool used to provide an artist with numerous layers without the extraordinary signing range required to do so naturally. Hopefully this gives you outsiders, or even some less experienced musicians, some Insight on how the mixing process works. Next time you hear the radio try to focus in and notice the subtle details that take a song from 'independent' to 'mainstream'. Maybe that will help distract you from the other problem of radio these days; repetitive and completely non-influential subject matter. Till next time... Bizfam salute!


Song Lyric Leak (Memories Never Die - Pretty Lights Vs. Zigga

So a lot of people have found it difficult to keep up with the pace of some of the new tracks so i'm leaking the lyrics so people can read along or just go over the lines they may not have heard. The song i have had the most questions about is this one... Memories Never Die Eternal mind wounds, running out of time soon Stimulation feeling like a seconds really nine moons The very last thing I saw the barrel smoking Metal in my chest, I aint breathing only choking Eyes wide open, but I don’t see the ambulance I’m In Osiris caravan decoding life’s Anagrams I know its looks bad to my ripe young mind And as time rolls by, see my life unwind….. (As time rolls by… X2) I was G, I was thuggin, I don’t wanna die Everything’s really nothing, cuz I realized (Survival got me bugging, but I’m alive X2) I open my eyes… I open my eyes X4 Memory one, you did it don’t pretend to be dumb Saw the life escape a man due to an enemy gun And it still holds pain though it tends to be numb As its living in your dreams will it ever be done? Thought his life was a curse should have never begun So he saw a pretty light like the end of the sun When I put the niggas forehead to the end of my gun And I sent him to the heavenly son…. I’m falling deeper in a stupor I’m the shooter And I feel like an intruder in the body where I’m ruler Kamikaze Buddha, leaving bodies in the sewer Used the shottie cuz its newer, aint nobody ever truer Now these angels calling to me, hear em I aint listening For too long I ate from the same pot that I was pissing in Never would get caught again if I could only live again I would see through all the lies and bullshit and the dividends Be a normal citizen, act like Im a kid again Beautiful and innocent I promise I aint giving in I see the purpose now, now its all I’m sure about This just wasn’t anything I knew or ever heard about If not by word of mouth, how am I to see the plan? All I needs another chance you don’t seem to understand You judge me mighty strong… and if I die by dawn How will I right my wrongs?... Before my life is gone… Chorus Two, you often play a bitch and tend to be rude Not to mention when you got caught with her friend in the nude You made her give you head when she said that she aint in the mood Then got mad when she laid other dudes, I would hate to be you These statements are true should be paying you dues And I don’t have to explain there aint no changing the rules Besides heaven doesn’t waste time explaining to fools Now burn in hell with Satan and demons and flames and the ghouls Father you’ve forsaken me, this angel has mistaken me I fought through life with bravery, to earn eternal slavery? Christ like, I aim to be, don’t blame the world your blaming me My innocence is plain to see if only you can save me please I could change things; I can walk the right path I could make the dark balance out with my light half I need my life back, what do I need to do? I just needed a clue, is that a good reason to you? Da die die die die die die X24

Blog entry number one: Money Makes Money

So i've decided to clue in some of the fans on lyrics they may or may not understand. Basically what i'll do is post a lyric and then give an example of an everyday situation that fits the theme of the lyric. Tell me what you think....

"money begetting money these other dummies are funny"

Most people's financial problems are not with making money, but what to do with it. Take for example the phrase, it takes money to make money. Imagine a person has a friend who is also a roommate that has been offered a big promotion or job somewhere. The job will pay your friend 5000 dollars which he plans to invest into a company with you as the partner, 50/50. However, if the business partner pursues this job, he will be unable to pay his 300 rent which is due while he's gone. Knowing that this friend is only going to be including you in the company if you can pay his rent, it appropriate to ask to be reimbursed even if he calls off the deal? Although it may be inconvenient to pay an extra 300 in rent, does the inconvenience outweigh the gain? With a little math you can quickly find the answer. Asking for the 300 back leaves your friend with 4700 dollars and you with 300. Assuming you were able to double that amount every month for a year you would have made 1,228,800. Not to bad right? If you were to NOT ask for a reimbursement and instead join the bizness at the same rate, even after splitting the money 50/50, you would earn 5,120,000. Fuuuuuuuck yes. The key is seeing potential profit over momentary gain. And that is how money begets money.

Song Lyric Leek (Clairvoyance - Pretty Lights Vs. Zigga)


Clairvoyance Hip hop hip hop…

Dreams of a lifetime, oil field pipe lines Right brain dominant but wasn’t in my right mind But was quite fine day dreaming in the nighttime Baguettes and white wine, treading on down the line

Oh yeah, old heads claiming they OG And they don’t even know how many grams in an OZ Clairvoyant dreams from an angle they don’t see More money, more women, more power, more weed

Rock star lifestyle, dark skin, bright smile She giving the bath contrast to the white tile She’s my pray, I’m the predator like the Mike trial And the days are for rest but the night’s wild

Is it real, or, don’t you know, home is home Started with, wows from crowds from pomes in Rome Break through the chromosomes and bones till you’re alone Drifting through your oldest zones where you were born

Mind born, life made, seeing through the tirades Made out of high grade rhymes, but the crime paid (Crime Paid Echo)


Send my body on a trip through space time Cuz I ain’t following my fate I just make mine Keep getting bad news like dateline Coppers on my tail guess they heard it through the grapevine

Wide awake when I make rhymes, to save time See with my mind, but closed eyes, they stay blind Pretty lights in the day time, with fake shine Try to swallow all the shit till it tastes fine…


Outta sight outta mind, but my minds outta sight That’s why I taught my self to make a song, how to write Now I’m tight, like a corset, accumulating more debt Can forget a corvette till there’s more checks

Been tough “D” for while, ima score next Never scared to gamble with a life like a sure bet But am I really gonna die? Getting really high, chill with Jimmy in the sky

Guitar solo on a jet trail, exhale Tryna learn to succeed where the rest fail Ten on the fresh scale, but I stress jail What if I lose or can’t afford the next bail

Feel like I did it all for naught, now I’m caught Know they’ll try to keep me locked till I rot Gotta stop while its hot, got a shot with the cops To be free from cell blocks, watching the clock… and

(Treading on down the line...)