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Bloc party + Alt-J end of tour party

Over the last few weeks we've had the honour of opening DJ sets for Bloc Party and Alt-J at Scala, we won the inaugural NMG award for best indie act, played with some incredible bands to a really energetic crowd at The Green Door store in Brighton and now to top it all off we're headlining a show at one of the biggest venues in our hometown of Cambridge. With new songs on the way and our first music video we're looking forward to giving you even more in the close of this year and the entirety of the next.

Thanks for all your support 3


New tracks on their way!

So, we went for a little recording session in Brighton recently, and we're proud to announce that the songs from the ideas in our brain space are getting converted to MP3. We should be putting them up in a few days or so, so keep your ears peeled!

As always; following the tragic, prolonged and embarrassing death of Myspace, feel free to join us on Twitter and Facebook. That way we can feel like we have a friends in this cruel, cruel world. We'll keep you updated on our ongoing struggle against 'The man' ;) =P.



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